Starting 2020 Right Ride

11:00am Start at Noble Canyon Road

An annual tradition of the Vernon ATV Club is to ride on January 1 to ring in the new year and shake off the cobwebs of the night before. We’re meeting at Noble Canyon again this year because the road to Becker Lake is plowed and there has been a lot of ATV activity on the trails so we’ll have no shortage of trail options.

Set your alarm so you’re not late for our 11:00am start. Noble Canyon Road is 17km east of Vernon on Highway 6. You can park your vehicle along the 1st km of road but unload at the cattleguard then go and park without blocking any driveways.

We’ll cover as much trail as we can and stop for a lunch break with a fire so bring something to roast in the new year.

Everyone is welcome to attend, the Vernon ATV Club invites you to attend a couple of rides to meet other riders, find new trails and get a sense of what the club is all about.

The Vernon ATV Club promotes responsible all terrain vehicle use. Riders must must carry their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of $200,000 liability insurance for riding on forest service roads. Quad riders must wear a helmet, side x side riders aren’t required by law to wear helmets but we recommend they do.

Fading Light Ride

3:00pm Saturday December 28 at Noble Canyon

The Noble Canyon trails are amazing this winter and the night rides last weekend were a big hit with the riders that came out.

Meet at the bottom of Noble Canyon Road, 17kms east of Vernon for a ride that starts in the daylight then continues through dusk into a night time ride. The ride departs at 3:30pm and should wrap up by 8:00pm (as decided by riders in attendance).

Unload your machine at the cattleguard at 1km then park your vehicle along the 1st km of road (between the cattleguard and the highway). This is a residential road so don’t block any driveways and keep noise to a minimum at all times.

Come prepared for winter conditions and ensure your headlights are working!

Christmas Holiday 2019 Trail Conditions

If you’re looking for somewhere to ride your quad or side x side this Christmas holiday season the Noble Canyon trails are calling you.

Noble Canyon Road is approximately 17km east of Vernon Highway 6. There is parking along Noble Canyon Road before the cattleguard at 1km but ATVs must be unloaded beyond the cattleguard. This is a residential road so don’t block any driveways and keep the noise down. There are parking spots further along Noble Canyon Road up to and just past the 3km mark. There is a steep switchback just past 3km which may not be passable in snowy conditions with a trailer in tow.

Becker Lake side – the road is plowed all the way to Becker Lake because of logging (watch for industrial vehicle traffic, especially on weekdays). Packed trails extend off in every direction from the plowed road with lots of ATV traffic evident providing great riding conditions and access to most of the riding area.

Bardolph Lake side – the road isn’t plowed but lots of ATV traffic has a main trail well packed all the way to the Village of Lumby.

Winter Riding Tips

Low temperatures and the increased risk of getting stuck means it’s extra important you’re prepared when winter ATV riding. Some things to remember before heading out for a fun winter ride:

  • Let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back (use a tool like the AdventureSmart website or app to share your ride plans).
  • Always ride with someone else, safety in numbers!
  • Go prepared for winter conditions, dress warmly in layers and take extra clothing.
  • Take extra food and drink in case you are out longer than intended.
  • Take retrieval equipment including a shovel, tow strap and make sure your vehicle’s winch is working.
  • Pack winter emergency gear including: extra warm clothes and gloves/mitts, a sleeping bag or space blankets, matches and candles and a signalling device.

Saturday Night Snow Ride Report

Four riders came out for the Saturday Night ride at Noble Canyon under much improved conditions compared to the Friday night ride. The rain let up about an hour before the ride and the skies cleared throughout the evening. All the recent rain made for heavy, well-packed trails and thanks to all the use the trails have seen the riding was easy so long as you stayed in the tracks.

There is logging on the Becker Lake side so the road is plowed all the way to the lake and there is a ton of ATV traffic with trails blazed in all over the western side of Noble Canyon.

The Bardolph Lake side isn’t plowed but is still seeing a lot of ATV traffic with trails rideable all the way down to Lumby.

Noble Canyon should be your destination if you’d like to get out to do some trail riding over the Christmas holidays.

Friday Night Snow Ride Report

It was raining at staging, only 2 riders and neither one was too keen on riding in the rain but they knew it would turn to snow eventually.

Headed up West Brewer first but couldn’t continue beyond the end of the plowed road. Went back and went up King Eddy and made it to 8.5km (1300m elevation) before it was too much of a slog to continue.

It rained up to about 6.5km (1100m elevation) then the snow started to accumulate. There was about 30cm of fresh snow on top of another 15cm of soft snow. If you stopped on a steep slope you had to back up to less slope to get going again.

Lots of fun riding on the slush on the plowed road, felt like a rally racer around every corner.

We should (***should***) be able to make it to Becker Lake on the Saturday ride because Becker Lake is at 1200m and there aren’t too many steep pitches on Becker main.

See you at Noble Canyon Saturday at 5:00pm!

Night Ride Doubleheader – Friday & Saturday!

It’s a draw, voting resulted in a perfect 50/50 split so we’ll ride both Friday and Saturday so everyone can attend. Please note the times and locations below as they are different for Friday and Saturday.

Remember it’s winter out there so come prepared for cold conditions and be darn sure your lights are working!

Friday December 20 – 6:00pm at King Eddy

Meet at the bottom of King Edward Forest Service Road, 9kms east of Vernon on Highway 6 at 6:00pm, we’ll get riding by 6:30pm.

Saturday December 21 – 5:00pm at Noble Canyon

Meet at the bottom of Noble Canyon Road, 17kms east of Vernon on Highway 6 at 5:00pm, we’ll get riding by 5:30pm.