Mt Ida ride with Salmon Arm/Enderby Club

Ride Report: WOW!

That sums it up pretty well, one of those days that goes to the top of your list for all time great rides. Thanks in large part to the Walker family going out several times to pre-ride, cut blowdown and make alternate trail choices around the landslides.

Thank you Martina, Brenda and Allen for all the work and a great ride!

The first real ride of the spring season that spanned more than 75km, stopped at numerous viewpoints, tackled all kinds of different trail conditions and stopped for drinks and story time on the way home, a good day!

This late spring and slow snow melt kept us from pinning down a location for this ride until now. Thanks to Allen and Brenda for pre-riding to make sure we could get through.

The ride is open to club members, friends, guests and anyone who wants to come along.

The ride heads out from the parking areas on the FSR at 10:00am, expected return to the vehicles is 3:00-4:00pm. Ride distance is estimated at 60km.

For riders leaving from Vernon we’ll meet at the north Tim Hortons on 58th Avenue (across from Wal Mart), the convoy leaving there at  at 8:45am for the ride staging area.

Come prepared for early spring weather which when combined with higher elevations can mean rain or snow. Bring a lunch, not sure if we’ll have a campfire but we’ll try. Don’t know if there are any outhouses along the ride for bathroom breaks.

Google Directions –

After getting to the FSR shown on the map above drive up and park at one of the locations shown on the map

Spring Vernon ATV Club Meeting

Starting at 6:30pm Monday, April 24 at the clubhouse at 940 Pottery Road.

If you haven’t been out to the winter and early spring rides this is your first chance to meet other members in 2017. If you have been out on rides, well Hi, good to see you again!

The purpose of the meeting is to update members on developments over the winter, plans for the year ahead and to get your feedback and ideas for rides, events and social functions.

Everyone is invited, you don’t need to be a member to attend and please feel free to come check the club out.

If you’re interested in joining the club memberships will be for sale. We’ll be selling 2017 ATV/BC Raffle tickets too.

Oregon Dunes 2018 Planning – After the meeting there will be photos and videos from previous dune trips and cost information provided for those interested in going in 2018. We’ll see who is interested in going and set a date so we can book accommodation.

Exploring Eddy

Ride with Steve starting from the bottom of King Eddy FSR ready to ride at 10:00am Sunday, April 23.

The goal of this ride is to see how many trails are open and will be a good wander of the plateau. This ride will stop a few times and take a lunch break with a campfire. It’s still spring time in the mountains so come prepared for all weather conditions.

Trails ridden will be Green (Beginner) and some Blue (Intermediate) at times. Support and assistance will be provided if you aren’t comfortable with obstacles encountered on the ride.

All riders in attendance will be entered to win a ticket for the 2017 ATV/BC Raffle.

For directions to King Eddy FSR visit the Riding Areas page.


LaCasa Ride

Ride starts at 10:00am Sunday, April 9 from Terrace Mountain Road. Leaving the north Tim Hortons (58th Avenue) at 8:45am for the 45 minute drive down Westside Road to LaCasa.

Click here for a map and directions to LaCasa.

Conditions are looking good, check out photos from last week’s ride.

The plan is to head south toward the Bear Creek trails then head up to a viewpoint for lunch. We can stop by the outhouses at Bear Creek on the way to lunch and/or after lunch.

This ride will be primarily green terrain (beginner) with sections in blue (intermediate) and speeds up to 60km/h on the main roads. Assistance will be provided if we encounter trail conditions you’re not comfortable with.

There will be a lunch break 30-45 minutes in length but no guarantee of a campfire this week. If we can we will, but don’t count on a campfire (unless you want to come prepared to start a fire).