LaCasa Ride

Ride starts at 10:00am Sunday, April 9 from Terrace Mountain Road. Leaving the north Tim Hortons (58th Avenue) at 8:45am for the 45 minute drive down Westside Road to LaCasa.

Click here for a map and directions to LaCasa.

Conditions are looking good, check out photos from last week’s ride.

The plan is to head south toward the Bear Creek trails then head up to a viewpoint for lunch. We can stop by the outhouses at Bear Creek on the way to lunch and/or after lunch.

This ride will be primarily green terrain (beginner) with sections in blue (intermediate) and speeds up to 60km/h on the main roads. Assistance will be provided if we encounter trail conditions you’re not comfortable with.

There will be a lunch break 30-45 minutes in length but no guarantee of a campfire this week. If we can we will, but don’t count on a campfire (unless you want to come prepared to start a fire).

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