Trail Maps

Welcome to the Vernon ATV Club trail map page where you’ll find ATV trails from across the Southern Interior as well as waypoints for parking, camping and outhouses. We welcome your feedback and contributions, use the Map Feedback page to help build an amazing ATV trail database.

Map and trail information shared by the Vernon ATV Club is used at your own risk.
Ride responsibly and within your abilities at all times, there may be downed trees, erosion or other changes in condition since the trail was recorded and shared.
Report unsafe trail conditions and share updated maps with us via the Map Feedback page.

We are using Gaia GPS to store and share our trail data. You can access Gaia GPS using your computer or smartphone/tablet browser and you can download the Gaia GPS app for your smartphone or tablet which enables offline features.

How to Access Trails Using Gaia GPS

  1. Visit the Gaia GPS website to search for trails, you don’t need to have an account or sign in to browse for trails.

  2. A free Gaia GPS account is required to download trails (to your Garmin GPS or other devices) or sync trails to the Gaia GPS app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. If you’d like to upgrade to the premium features in Gaia GPS, try our 3 Month Free Trial or if you’re ready to purchase, Save 20% off the first year using our discount code.
  4. Install the Gaia GPS App on your phone or tablet.

  1. Add the Vernon ATV Club Trail Share folder to your Gaia GPS account (click + Add to My Folders to receive all updates in this folder).
  1. Learn more by watching the Gaia GPS 101 Video Playlist

  1. Stay tuned for tips and training sessions or use our Map Feedback page to ask questions, make suggestions or reach out for help.