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Sunday Ride – the Chocolate Covered Raisin Ride

Thanks Steve for leading another great early season ride. A big turnout of riders again, reports are the snow is melting fast but why didn’t anyone have toasted chocolate covered raisins for lunch?

When pressed for a name we resort to looking up what national day it is, so now you’ll remember that March 25 is national Chocolate Covered Raisin Day. Last ride was the waffle ride and we had folks toasting waffles over the fire, stay tuned to see what happens with the Glosettes this weekend.

Riding will be limited to the graded roads, straying too far from plowed roads means getting really stuck this winter. Beginner riders and up are welcome on this ride, the only thing to be aware of is it can be slick from 0-10km on King Eddy Road as it hides in the shade much of the day.

Bring your friends, members and non-members are all invited to come out. If you’re not a member but want to check out the club come out to see some new trails and meet riding buddies.

Spring-Waffle (Leap Ahead Ride – No Waffling)

Holy hannah, nice turnout with 20 machines for our first sunny Sunday ride of spring. Lots of roads plowed up on the plateau but be careful venturing into deeper snow as we found out with lots of pushing and winching and some folks thinking it was going to be a campout.

Our next club ride will be Sunday March 11 at 10:00am at King Eddy.

This day has the double dubious honour of being spring forward time change AND national waffle day. Someone must have a great name for this ride, send us your ideas.

We’ll meet up at the bottom of King Eddy for this ride so change your clocks and set your alarm so you’re not late for this 10:00am start. It just keeps on snowing at elevation so come prepared for winter riding.

There may be a lunch fire, we usually try and have some sort of a small smoke producing creature (some call it fire) so you may want something that can be eaten without flames.

No Winers Ride

It’s National Drink Wine Day Sunday, so we’ll call the ride the No Winers Ride. Meet up ready to ride at 10:00am at the bottom of Noble Canyon Road Sunday, February 18.

We haven’t been to Noble Canyon for a month or so, we’ll see where we can ride. The main road to Becker is still being plowed by the logging companies so at the very least we’ll be able to get up to the Becker Lake area trails.

Ride Mainstreet – Winter Carnival Parade

Winter Carnival Parade Photos

Have you ever wanted to ride your machine downtown? Of course, we all have!

Here’s your chance, bring your side x side, quad or dirtbike and join our entry in the 2018 Vernon Winter Carnival Parade, Saturday February 3 from 10:30am – 1:30pm.

The theme is Alice in Wonderland, click here for some easy costume ideas. and our own home grown 15 minute costume idea.

It’s loads of fun, parade spectators loved seeing the machines last year and kids go bonkers when you wave back at them, good fun!

Let us know if you’re coming by phone (250-550-5290), email or fill out the form below.

Parade Info
We are #91 in the parade and will be staged on 27th Street at the 42nd Avenue intersection, right in front of 3% Real Estate.

We suggest you arrive early and try to find parking near Seaton School. If you park East of 27th Street you will not be able to ride back to your vehicle after the parade as 27th reopens as soon as soon as the parade has passed.

We’ll have smokies on the BBQ in the Seaton School parking lot after the parade.

Snow up the Kazoo Ride

We got snow up the Kazoo and so many other places.  A wicked fun ride with a bit of help from the track quad for pulling up the unplowed section of King Eddy FSR.

Did you know there was a National Kazoo Day? Well there is so Steve says meet him at King Eddie at 10:00 on Sunday, January 28 and bring your kazoo (optional) and you side x side, quad or dirtbike out for a ride.

Expect winter conditions as the weather can’t make up its mind lately, snowing one day and melting the next.

There will be an attempt to make a campfire at lunch, sometimes they’re better than others.

You don’t need to be a member to attend, come on out for a couple of rides to meet other riders and find new trails.

Ride of the Wolf

Noble Canyon Ride with Steve – Sunday January 14 at 10:00am
Steve says this is the ride of the wolf because in ancient times this is the time of year when the wolves would come back into the village.
Don’t think you’ll see any wolves on the ride but you will see lots of snow and as many trails as you can ride. Come prepared for winter riding and meet at the cattle guard. Please don’t park near the cattle guard as trucks with trailers need this space to turn around – map of parking area.

Starting the Year Right Ride

Driving up to Becker Lake in the morning to where we were going to have the bonfire the truck was saying -18, but once we got up top we were above the clouds and the sun soon burned what was left off. Lots of people out enjoying the sun on Monday and a big group came out to ride the Bardolph and Becker Lake trails. Thanks Lee and Monique for driving all the way up to get the fire going just in time for us to arrive for lunch, that’s what a fire is supposed to look like!

Every year we start the new year off right, with a ride as far as the trails will allow. The snow never stops a good ride, dress warm and bring something to cook over the lunch campfire.

We’re going to ride at Noble Canyon this year so remember to unload at the cattle guard and park along the road back toward the highway. Please don’t park near the cattle guard as trucks and trailers need space to turn around here – map of parking area.

The ride will roll out from the cattle guard at 11:00am and will explore Bardolph and Becker Lake trails and wrap up around a big bonfire.

Bring your friends, rides are open to everyone as we encourage non-members to come ride with the club a couple of times to meet folks and find new trails.

The Lost Claus Ride

Ride Recap – a bit cool but the sun was out and the trails were covered in the fluffy white stuff that made it feel like you were sledding. We rode around Bardolph Lake then came down and headed up to Becker to get a view over the city before getting a bit bogged down along the powerlines before heading home for the day.

The snow had to come eventually and it finally did so this ride could be a lost cause. Noble is a bit lower than King Eddy though and loggers have plowed the road to Becker Lake so we should be able to get up onto the plateau to access the trails.

Trails around Noble Canyon are wide enough for even the largest side x sides so bring your quad, side x side or dirtbike out for this ride.

Meet at the cattleguard, ready to ride at 10:00am. Dress warm, bring a lunch and come enjoy what looks like a blue sky day.

Rides are open to everyone, do a couple of rides with the club to meet folks, find new trails and see what the club is all about. Club rides are family friendly, we assess the group at the start of the ride and customize the ride to suit everyone in attendance.

You’re welcome to bring tracks if you have them for your machine, should be some good powder opportunities along the ride.

Noble Canyon Road is east of Vernon on Highway 6, click here for directions and map of the unloading/parking area.