Bardolph Lake Area Ride – starts at 10:00am Sunday, March 26

Ride starts at 10:00am at the bottom of Noble Canyon Rd, heading up the Bardolph Lake side of Noble Canyon this time.

The snow level is raising, who knows how high it will be by the 26th but plan on riding in snow and come prepared for winter conditions. There will be a campfire at lunch so bring something to roast.

We will be passing the Bardolph Lake recreation site going up and coming down if you need an outhouse.

The March Buddy deal is in effect so you don’t need to be a club member to attend the ride and everyone in attendance gets a chance to win a ticket for the ATV/BC raffle of a 2017 CanAm 850 Max XT. Tickets and memberships will be for sale at the ride, tickets are $10 and memberships range from $55 to $95, check for more info.

No parking at the cattleguard, unload here then pull your vehicle to the edge of the road to the south (towards the highway) from the cattleguard).

Visit the club website for a map and directions to the riding area –

Spring Ahead Ride

Leaving from the bottom of King Eddy Road at 10:00am on Sunday, March 12. Remember it’s the day of the time change so spring ahead one hour with the club on this tour of the King Eddy Plateau.

Bring something for lunch around the campfire and come ready for winter conditions.

Members and friends invited, everyone who attends the ride gets entered into the March draw for a ticket in the ATV/BC Raffle, grand prize is a CanAm 850 Max XT or $13,000 cash. Give your name, email and phone to Steve at the ride to enter the draw.

Raffle tickets will also be on sale at the ride, $10 per ticket.

2017 ATV/BC Raffle

It’s back again, ATV/BC’s annual raffle fundraiser. This year you have a chance to win one of four prizes including:

Grand Prize – 2017 CanAm Outlander Max XT 850 OR $13,000 Cash!

2nd Prize – Honda 3,000 Watt Generator

3rd Prize – ATV/BC Gift Certificates for use at most local dealers

Want to buy a ticket?
Tickets are $10 each, we’ll try to always have some tickets for sale at club rides. Tickets will be on sale in town shortly so check back soon to see where you can buy one.

Another Noble Canyon Ride

Ride Photos

Ride departs the bottom of Noble Canyon Road at 10:00am Sunday, February 26. Our last ride only explored a small portion of the trails so we’re going to push further west on this ride to access another viewpoint over the city.

Unloading and Parking
Unload at the cattleguard 400m along Noble Canyon Road then park along the road back toward the highway. Please do not park at or around the cattleguard as this is the only place to turn trailers around. There is one small parking area 1.4kms up the road for trucks (no trailers), just after the bridge on the left with room for 2-3 trucks.

Invite your friends, you don’t need to be a member to attend club rides. Come on out, check out the club and we’re sure you’ll like it so much you’ll join.

There will be a lunch campfire to cook your brats and dogs. Come prepared for winter riding conditions.

Winter riding usually rates as Green (beginner) to Blue (intermediate). The trails aren’t that difficult but snow and slippery conditions can increase the difficulty of riding conditions. Speeds will range from crawling up to 50kmh.

Family Day Weekend Ride

What a day, what a ride! Perfect weather, a bunch of new faces, some great trails and lunch with a view. Thanks to Darren for performing towing duties to get through the tricky bits and out of the ditches. We even pulled a Dodge truck out of the ditch with a big tug from Jason’s Can Am and everyone else pushing.

Ride Photos & Videos

Thanks Jason and Kerry for your photo contributions.

We haven’t explored Noble Canyon for a while so meet up at the cattleguard on Noble Canyon Road, ready to ride at 10:00am Monday February 13. As it’s Family Day we encourage you to bring your family, be it your spouse, kids, grandparents, etc. to see parts of the North Okanagan that few get to see.

NOTE: no riding on Noble Canyon Road before the cattleguard, unload at the cattleguard then park south of the cattleguard (between cattleguard and highway). Don’t park near or past the cattleguard as this congests the loading area.

Be prepared for typical winter riding conditions and bring a lunch for the campfire. Weather currently is calling for +4 in the valley and cloudy but hopefully we’ll get above the clouds.

Difficulty for winter rides is Green (beginner) to Blue (intermediate), we don’t tackle that difficult of terrain but slippery conditions and deep snow does increase difficulty somewhat.

Vernon Winter Carnival Parade

The club has long talked about going in the Vernon Winter Carnival Parade and this year’s theme of Canada 150 was a great one. We really enjoyed sharing the message of ATVing as a family friendly activity and there were lots of families lining the parade route that were stoked to see the machines.

We had 5 machines riding on the roads alongside our float of a truck and trailer carrying another couple of machines up high for better visibility.

A huge thanks to all the club members who came out to decorate, brought supplies and braved the Friday afternoon (decorating the float) and Saturday morning (parade day) blowing snow. Finally, weather fitting of a winter carnival!

Castanet Parade Coverage

Shaw TV Parade Coverage



Chinese New Year Ride “The Rooster”

Ride Photos

10:30am start Sunday January 29 at the bottom of King Eddy Forest Service Road.

A ride to determine how far the roads are graded towards Beaver Lake Resort. Will be mostly a road ride, with occasional skirmishes onto side trails to check them out.

Dress warm, bring a shovel and rope, maybe some tea or coffee, for a celebration of a new year. “Year of the Fire Rooster”

Winter riding is usually considered Green (Beginner) or Blue (Intermediate) difficulty, the trails usually aren’t too difficult but beware of slippery roads and when riding trails it’s easy to get stuck off the side of the trail or if you break through and get high centred.

Try the Packed Trails Ride

Come see if the trail packing works, ready to ride at 10:30am Sunday January 15.

If you’ve been out winter riding you’ve likely noticed how much easier it is if a snowmobile or ATV has already blazed the trail and it’s even better if they’ve put down a nice firm base you can ride on.

So we’re testing to see if a little grooming goes a long way on our trails. In our case we took a tracked quad dragging some motorcycle tires behind and a snowmobile (helper) out last weekend and rode over 40km to pack and smooth the trails to see if we can make it places like Fan Hill and the Tunnel/Lobster Trail now that the steeper inclines are packed.

Weather man thinks it will warm up by the weekend but it’s still winter riding so come prepared. We’ll have a lunch campfire somewhere along the way to cook your brats and warm your fingies.

Ride difficulty is Green to Blue, upper beginner to intermediate skills required. We don’t tackle that difficult of terrain on the ride but the roads may be icy or extremely slippery and riding in existing wheel tracks can be moderately difficult. We encourage everyone to come out, we always try to accommodate all riders and provide assistance if needed for difficult sections.

Check out the map below of the packed route if you’re heading out on your own this weekend. There is a surprising amount of snowmobile traffic on the trails so many have a decent base but we found that even just one trip over with the track quad was noticeably easier to ride later the same day.

The Best of 2016

2016 was a great year for the Vernon ATV Club. There were a large number of rides through all seasons and we saw a number of new riders, young families and many of the old regulars.

In the community the club held it’s third cleanup on King Eddy Road, removing 5 truckloads of garbage totalling 2,900lbs. We continued our annual donations to local charities with $750 cash donated to three local charities plus another $400 and 105lbs food bank donation by those attending the club Christmas party. We attended the Canada Day celebrations in Polson Park with machines and information for all the families in attendance. Club volunteers gave over 1,000 hours of their time to club functions in 2016.

We held rides with the Kelowna ATV Club and the Salmon Arm Natures Nomads ATV Club and explored many areas outside our regular stomping grounds of Noble Canyon and King Eddy Road. We had riders join us from as far away as Prince George and New Brunswick.

There’s much more to come in 2017, the club directors are busy working behind the scenes to make the new year bigger and better.

It’s a real pleasure to be part of a group of people who enjoy responsibly using the great resource that this province provides us and who contribute so much to each other and the community!

New Year’s Day Ride (aka Hair of the Dog Ride)

Ride Photos

Ride starts at 11:30am Sunday January 1, 2017

Start the year off right, but not too early ok! Bring your after-party remedy of choice and be ready to ride at 11:30am Sunday, January 1, 2017.

Starting from the bottom of King Eddy FSR, this ride will explore some of the trails that have been pre-ridden over the holidays.

Dress warm and bring a lunch to have at the lunch bonfire around 1:00pm. Ride will be the usual winter exploration ride consisting of main forest service roads and as many trails as possible. Trail difficulty is normally green to blue in winter conditions and assistance will be provided to anyone needing it.