Insurance & Registration

The Vernon ATV Club supports registration and number plates/stickers, we believe it will help in identifying and reporting the few people that ride irresponsibly and damage the environment, and it will make it more difficult to ride a stolen vehicle.

Since November 1, 2015 off-road vehicles must be registered and have a license plate to use public land in BC.  There are a few different components to registering and insuring  your off-road vehicle:

  1. MANDATORY – Minimum $200,000 liability insurance when riding your off-road vehicle on forest service roads. This has been the rule for years, this can be purchased at your insurance broker or online via ATV BC.
  2. MANDATORY – you must register your off-road vehicle with ICBC and purchased a plate or decal for your machine. Registration includes providing proof of purchase and a $48 fee for your plate. See the ICBC website for more information.
  3. NOT REQUIRED FOR RIDING ON FOREST SERVICE ROADS – If you load/unload your machine in a public parking lot or wish to take advantage of the new ability to cross public roadways you will need to purchase annual coverage from ICBC. This is similar to insuring your vehicle, the coverage is purchased for a term and you receive decals to afix to your machine which indicates when your coverage expires. See your local ICBC broker for more information and fees.

For more information in general see the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Off-Road Vehicle Management Framework

In Vernon Johnston Meier Insurance Vernon is extremely well educated on the process of insuring off-road vehicles. If you’ve had a positive experience with your insurance broker when registering/insuring your off-road vehicle, let us know and we’ll post them here as well.

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