Father’s Day Campout & Longest Day Ride

Every year the club has a BBQ and ride on or around the longest day of the year, this year we’ve got an entire weekend of fun planned for the Father’s Day weekend. You’re invited to come for the entire weekend or just for a ride or the BBQ or breakfast.

Come set up camp at the sort yard on King Eddy Road, take in the rides, enjoy the BBQ and breakfast on the grille and bring your best stories for around the campfire.

Tentative Schedule:

  • Friday 5:00pm – Sort yard opens
  • Saturday 5:00pm – BBQ
  • Saturday 7:00pm – Evening ride
  • Sunday 9:30am – Father’s Day Breakfast
  • Sunday – rides and/or special events

If you’re wondering what the photo is, it’s a special event where the driver has some giant underwear over their head and the passenger gives directions to navigate a course. Depending on space we’ll have this event or another special skills/riding event.

Weekend Recap
Some days it rains, some days it pours, this weekend it did both. Lots of fun though, hanging out around the camp telling stories, enjoyed the BBQ and Sue’s Super Salads. Got a ride in Sunday after the rain stopped, lots of mud and puddles made for perfect riding conditions. Thanks Kent for taking us on a tour, a little different than where we normally go!

Ride with the Kelowna ATV Club

We need everyone ready to ride at 9:30am sharp this Sunday at the bottom of King Eddy Road. We’re heading up to Damer Lake to meet with members of the Kelowna ATV Club then will head off for a ride, stop for lunch and more riding. Bring a lunch, not sure if we’ll have a fire so pack a cold lunch this time unless you want to be the fire starter.

There’s a bit of rain today and more in the forecast Thursday, perfect for knocking down the dust after these few scorcher days.

Look forward to seeing everyone out this weekend and to meet our friends from Kelowna! Aiming to be back down at the bottom of King Eddy by 4:00pm.

Ride Recap

What a day, 23 machines from the two clubs met at Damer Lake for a day on the trails. We look forward to heading south to try out Kelowna trails for our next meetup!

Steve’s Spa Spin Summary

8 units showed up for the ride for a total of 10 people and a dog.

The ride started off with Mark taking the lead because he knew of a great trail to reach the power lines. It was great and twisty, steep, and rocky, we loved it!

Mark continued to lead on the power line trails, then we took a side trip and looked down on Falkland from the mountain tops. After enjoying the view we headed off to Spanish Lake, met some campers and shared their camp fire for lunch.

After everyone enjoyed their lunch break Steve took the lead up the road to Spa Lake which had lots of switchbacks to drift around leaving everyone pumped up at the top.

From Spa we went back to Arthur Lake, and I followed the GPS and hoped it was going to take us out somewhere close to the Staging Area. Great trail and made it back eventually, the best kind of ride – exploring the unknown trails!

Will do again to find a different route to Spa and back now that we’ve mapped some of the trails.