Keep your Distance Ride

11:00am start – Sunday March 29 @ Noble Canyon

IMPORTANT NOTE: Riders must comply with these rules to participate:

  1. Maintain a minimum of 2m (6′) from other people at all times.
  2. If you are isolating or quarantined – do not come on the ride.
  3. If you are exhibiting symptoms – do not come on the ride.
  4. If you are in a high-risk health group – do not come on the ride.
  5. If you want to ride like an idiot – do not come on the ride.

The ride could still be cancelled so check the club website and Facebook Sunday morning before heading to Noble Canyon.

The ride will start at 11:00am Sunday March 29 from the cattleguard at the bottom of Noble Canyon Road. Remember to keep a minimum of 2m (6′) from other riders when unloading and getting ready for the ride. No hugs, handshakes, high fives or fist bumps, that’s too close!

We recognize some people may be getting squirrelly from being home for a couple of weeks but this is a slow ride to “smell the flowers”.

This ride will be a very leisurely logging road ride, in fact it will probably be boring for most folks. As stated before, reckless riding is not welcome as there will be no rescues or putting SAR or emergency personnel at risk. We are going to enjoy the outdoors and take in some easily accessible viewpoints.  We are not going anywhere we may get stuck as there will be no groups of people helping push/pull stuck riders. 

There will not be a lunch campfire.

The End of Time Ride (Standard Time that is)

10:00am Sunday March 8 – Noble Canyon Road

Daylight Savings begins this weekend so we kiss Standard Time goodbye with a ride. Meet at the cattleguard at Noble Canyon Road in Lavington at 10:00am. Remember to spring ahead an hour for Sunday’s ride!

The sun is out but there has been more snow than normal this year so there will still be lots of chances to get stuck, especially if you venture off the packed trails. Noble Canyon has seen a lot of ATV traffic this winter so there are well packed trails, we’ll see how far we can get.

Come prepared for winter riding, bring lunch and your camera. We try to have a fire but it isn’t always possible in winter conditions so keep that in mind for your lunch.

Club rides are open to everyone and the more the merrier so invite your friends.

The Vernon ATV Club promotes responsible all terrain vehicle use. Riders must must carry their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of $200,000 liability insurance for riding on forest service roads. Quad riders must wear a helmet, side x side riders aren’t required by law to wear helmets but we recommend they do.