The MOATCU (Mother of All Trail Clean Ups)

What started as a cleanup in support of BC Trails Day has grown to a weekend celebration of outdoor recreation including camping, the cleanup, rides and a Volunteer Appreciation BBQ.

What You Need to Know

  1. Register by Friday June 3 to attend the Volunteer Appreciation BBQ.
  2. The gates to the Sort Yard on King Eddy FSR open at 5:00pm Friday June 3 for campers.
  3. Dry camping is available Friday and Saturday nights, gates close at 6:00pm Sunday.
  4. The Clean Up safety meeting starts at 9:30am Saturday June 4.
  5. The Volunteer Appreciation BBQ starts at 4:00pm Saturday June 4.

Getting Here

All the action takes place at the Sort Yard which is the gate to the left of the cattle guard at the bottom of King Eddy Forest Service Road. There will be a yellow “The MOATCU” sign pointing into the sort yard, and the gate will be open from 5:00pm Friday evening until it closes at 6:00pm Sunday (we’ll close the gate at 11:00pm each night). Google Map to Sort Yard –

We will have outhouses at the Sort Yard but there are no services for campers (water, sewage, electricity), it’s dry camping in a large field.

What to bring for the cleanup:

  • Your chosen vehicle
  • Your trusty navigation & communication tools
  • Good boots, gloves and clothing for all weather
  • A rake, shovel, rolling magnet and bucket (if you have them – they’re used for pallet fire cleanup)
  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Food and drink during the cleanup

We will be supplying garbage bags, 5 gallon buckets, a list of cleanup areas and a giant dumpster to put all the garbage in. Some of the cleanup sites will be concentrated areas but we will also ask some people to cruise the roads and trails looking for trash.

After the cleanup we’ll have a way of getting yourself washed up before diving into the big BBQ to thank all the amazing volunteers for their hard work.

Picking up after other people is only so much fun, that’s why we have camping and rides planned throughout the weekend. We hope you can join us to camp for the weekend or take in one or more of the rides.

Schedule of Events:

Friday June 3

  • 5:00pm – Gates open for campers (Map to Sort Yard)
  • All evening – Stories around the campfire

Saturday June 4

  • 9:30am – The MOATCU – Clean Up safety meeting in the Sort Yard (Map to Sort Yard)
  • 4:00pm – Volunteer appreciation BBQ – Registration Required
  • 6:30pm – Evening ride
  • All evening – Stories around the campfire

Sunday June 5

  • 10:00am – Pre-ride safety meeting
  • 6:00pm – Sort Yard gate closed

We’re being joined by Okanagan Forest Task Force and 4WDABC for the weekend. Come pitch in to help clean up our riding areas and meet other outdoor enthusiasts.

Clean Up Exploration Ride

Ride Recap and Photos

A fun ride today that originally split off with half the group checking trails for snow and the other half looking for garbage dump sites. We used our Garmin inReach devices to decide where to meet for lunch at Damer Lake Rec Site then continued to Grizzly Lake to complete the loop after lunch.

10:00am Ride Start – Sunday May 29 – King Eddy FSR

Join the ride this Sunday morning to see what trails are snow free and assess the number of dump sites to plan for next weekend’s cleanup

Everyone in attendance must complete the ATVBC Waiver prior to riding so please complete the waiver ahead of time and bring your phone with the confirmation email so we can check you off. Once you’ve filled out the waiver you’re good the entire duration of your current membership.

The pre-ride safety meeting starts at 9:45am and the ride heads out at 10:00am sharp. We should be done and back down at the parking area by 4:00pm.

King Eddy FSR is 9kms east of Vernon on Highway 6 with parking along either side of the FSR. 

Trail Difficulty Rating
Beginner to Intermediate roads and trails will be ridden and we’ll probably encounter snow, ice and slippery trails. 

Ride Speed
Speeds will reach up to 60kmh on open Forest Service Roads and will be at a sustained 30-50kmh on trail sections.

Trailside Bathrooms
We are riding past one or more recreation sites with outhouses.

Viewpoints and Breaks
There will be a few breaks to take in the views, for snacks and a longer lunch break.

What to Bring

  • Food and drink for a day riding
  • Clothes for all weather conditions, we ride in all conditions!
  • Your standard ATV emergency supplies
  • A single tank of fuel will be adequate for the entire ride.

Vernon ATV Club and events are open to everyone, we encourage new riders to come out for a couple of rides to meet club members, find new trails and get a sense of the club before joining.

Noble Canyon Cleanup Results

30 Volunteers, 6 tons of scrap metal, 4 tons of garbage

Members of the Vernon ATV Club joined forces with Vernon Off Road Motorcycle Club and Vernon Fish and Game Club to remove the burnt RVs and associated trash along Noble Canyon Road.

Thank you all the amazing volunteers, LRM Contracting and ABC Recycling that made quick work of the charred mess!

Local News Coverage:

Noble Canyon Cleanup

9:00am Saturday May 14 – 2km Noble Canyon Rd

We just got the news that Okanagan Forest Task ForceVernon Off Road Motorcycle Club and Vernon Fish and Game Club are going to be cleaning up the burnt RVs at Noble Canyon this Saturday.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can lend a few hours of your time to help clean up that area and we may spread out and see what other dump sites have sprung up over the winter. 

Okanagan Forest Task Force has a self loading truck and a bin for all the RV steel but with people being people there probably is other junk out there… and who knows what the party spot/shooting gallery under the powerlines looks like!

What to Bring:

  • your ATV if you want to ride around looking for trash (and do a little riding after?)
  • your car/truck if you’re just coming to the main mess at 2km
  • gloves, good boots, dirty clothes
  • something to clean up with after

Signing the Waiver – because this is a club organized event, all participants will be required to sign the waiver saying you won’t sue the organizers or the club if you are injured at the event. If you’d like to sign the waiver ahead of time please visit the ATVBC website and bring a copy of the email or a screenshot on your phone Saturday.