2024 AGM Registration

This year’s AGM is being held at Eagle Industries at 1801A Kal Lake Road in Vernon on Saturday February 24. We’re also hosting morning and afternoon education sessions and providing lunch.

  • 9:00am Session – Recovery Gear & Techniques
  • 12:00pm – Lunch
  • 1:00pm – AGM
  • 2:00pm Session – Trip Planning

Please use the form below to register before 5:00pm Friday, February 23 to attend.

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Vernon ATV Club AGM – Saturday February 24

The date has been set, we’ll be posting more details in the next couple of weeks. At this point our tentative plan for the day is:

  • 9:00am – Morning Education Session (GPS, Chainsaw, ???)
  • 12:00pm – Lunch
  • 1:00pm – AGM
  • 2:00pm – Afternoon Education Session

Pick Your Session!
GPS training has been a popular topic in the past but maybe you’ve learned all there is to learn about GPS and you’d like us to cover something else.

Use the form below to let us know what you’d like covered.

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Sunset at Mara Mtn

Ride starts at 6:00pm Saturday September 23

A different twist on night rides, this one will take in sunset from the Mara Mountain Lookout.

A convoy starts in Vernon from Tim Horton’s on 58th Avenue (across from Walmart) at 5:00pm Saturday September 23 and will go all the way to the staging area at the 3 Valley Mabel FSR 30kms east of Enderby on Mabel Lake Road.

Vernon Tim Horton’s (58th Avenue) to 3 Valley Mabel FSR


It’s important that your lights work well for this ride, the Mara Mountain trail is rough so you’ll want to be able to be able to navigate the rocks and bumps.

There will be a short safety meeting before the 6:00pm ride start.

Ride Details:

  • Total ride length approximately 70km = one tank of fuel
  • Upper beginner to intermediate level ride difficulty
  • Extremely rough and rocky terrain
  • Off trail riding will not be tolerated!!!
  • Bring snacks and drinks for a break at the lookout
  • Bring extra clothes, it will be cold at elevation after dark
  • The ride is open to everyone, you do not need to be a Vernon ATV Club member to attend

King Eddy Recreation Site Partnership Agreement

The King Eddy area is an ATV mecca and almost every ride goes by or stops at the King Eddy Lake Recreation site.

This heavily used Recreation Site is located immediately off King Edward FSR so it provides easy access for camping and fishing year round. Most site visitors are respectful and pack out what they bring in but the ATV Club has had to hold a number of cleanups here over the years.

In addition to keeping an eye on the site and cleaning up as necessary, the partnership agreement will allow for the development of a nude beach on the lower bench. “There were a lot of requests for a nude beach at King Eddy”, says Past President Clint Ingham. “ATVers need a place to cool off in the summer and some riders don’t want to get their gear wet so we had a surprising number of people asking for a nude beach here”.

“We thank Recreation, Sites and Trails for helping us through all the paperwork and approvals required to get this agreement,” said Ingham. Signs designating the nude beach will be going up in the next few weeks once the ice is off the lake.

Sign up for the ATV Club Parade Entry

You don’t have to go crazy getting yourself and your machine ready because just a few items will make you look like a police officer/vehicle. 

Ideas for People or Pets in/on Your Quad or Side x Side

  • A dark jacket with some badges stuck on the shoulders
  • Aviator style sunglasses (or just some sort of sunglasses)
  • A stick on mustache
  • A dark ballcap, police style hat or motorcycle helmet

Ideas for Your Quad or Side x Side

  • We had zero interest in red/blue flashing lights which isn’t a bad thing because you can’t drive with them anywhere except the parade
  • Some sort of cover to make your machine black and white, painted cardboard, construction paper, etc.
  • A badge on the side or doors that says POLICE or HIGHWAY PATROL 

When and Where
The parade is Saturday February 4, everyone needs to be assembled in the lane behind Banner Recreation and ready to roll at 11:00am. From here we ride a short distance to the staging area and wait for the start of the parade at noon. 

Ride Behaviour
The parade proceeds at an extremely slow pace, there’s no burnouts, smokeshows or racing around. A bit of blipping the throttle got good responses from the crowd last year, the big thing is we have to keep it safe and responsible.

We Provide Food
The club will have food ready once we arrive at the staging area near Seaton School.

Sign up using the form below so we know how much food to bring and so you can let us know if you have any food allergies.

Winter Carnival Parade – Police TV Show Theme

This year’s Winter Carnival theme is Carnival TV where you celebrate your favourite TV show.

When we saw this someone immediately shouted out CHIPs which got us thinking of how easy various police show themes would be for ATVs. So whether you want to dress up as Poncherello or just rock a sweet mustache, the police theme should be a fun one to apply to your quad or side x side.

For dressing up your machine you may consider going with an old fashion black and white (or blue and white for RCMP) colour scheme and hang some big police badge/logos on the side.

One accessory that will add some punch to our parade entry will be having flashing police lights on our vehicles. If you’re interested in buying one of these Amazon beauties below, email [email protected] by Wednesday January 18 to join the order.

  1. $15.16 – Blue 12V wired flashing beacon
  2. $20.15 – Blue AA battery powered emergency flasher
  3. $31.35 – Red/Blue flashing strobe

The parade is Saturday February 4, at this point you just need to be thinking about how to make your machine look like a police car and we’ll have more details next week about when and where to meet.

Christmas Party 2022

Doors open at 4:00pm, Supper at 6:00pm
Saturday, December 3

The ATV Club Christmas party is always lots of fun, you don’t want to miss it.

The Club provides the ham, turkey & potatoes, everyone attending brings a dish for the potluck dinner. We’re well stocked on desserts so please think of a casserole, salad or veggie you can bring.

The fun ramps up a notch after supper with a gift exchange where participants either select an unopened gift from under the tree or steal a gift that has already been opened.

Children are welcome and will be provided gifts if they’re too young to understand the gift exchange game. Registration deadline is 9:00am Thursday, December 1.

Winter Training Survey

Only a few hardcores are still out riding around, for the rest of us it’s still good to get together to tell stories and learn something we can put to use during the summer riding season.

We’ve had a number of suggestions for winter training topics, please complete our survey to identify what type of training and when you’d like to attend.

Winter Training Survey

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Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Ride

10:00am Start Sunday October 30

Meet at the bottom of King Eddy FSR just off Highway 6 in Lavington. Parking starts immediately off the highway and continues up the side of the side of the FSR as far as is needed.

The day will start at a safety meeting at 10:00am sharp where all participants must sign the event waiver.

The group ride will head out at approximately 10:15 taking the group to where the candy trail starts, riders will need to follow the flagging to stay on the trail and keep their eyes peeled to find the hidden candy. Upon completion of the candy trail, riders will be returned to the start of the loop where a campfire lunch will be waiting. If there is enough time there will be another group ride to wrap up the day back at the parking area around 4:00pm.

Please RSVP by email to [email protected] by 5:00pm Friday October 28 to let us know how many kids and adults are attending and if you have special dietary needs.