Harris Creek Recon Ride

Harris Creek to Kettle FSR Ride

Last weekend a handful of riders headed to Harris Creek to investigate reports the roads had been plowed for logging this winter meaning there should be a decent amount of snow free road riding at a minimum.

Arriving early in the morning (and keeping our distance at all times) we were the first riders to arrive and unload. After trying some side roads that were either blocked by snow or fallen trees, we returned to Harris Creek FSR then headed south to Home and Gunnar Roads which lead all the way to the Kettle FSR for a roadside campfire lunch break.

There are spectacular views along the way and the ride was still challenging due to the deep mud in spots from the 8′ high snowbanks melting onto the road. If you’re considering this trip you may need extra fuel to complete the trip to Kettle FSR and back because of the thick mud.

Harris Creek staging is approximately 10km from the 4 way stop in Lumby (Google Map Directions). It’s a wide forest service road with ample pullouts and flat areas to park and unload.

Click to view or download a GPX track of the ride

Click to view and download a GPX track of the ride

It was encouraging to see a large number of families out enjoying a spectacular Sunday in the forest.

Everyone we saw was riding responsibly and keeping their distance. Keep up the great work showing how responsible motorized recreation is a safe way to get out during these trying times.