Saturday Evening Ride

7:00pm Saturday, September 26 – King Eddy Road

It’s almost full moon (more details below) so there should be plenty of light from above but we also have been talking about evening/night rides so it’s time to try it out. Dress warm and come prepared for riding in the dark.

We will depart from the bottom of King Eddy Road at 7:00pm Saturday, September 26 and will be back at the bottom approximately 9:30pm. This will be a leisurely ride on the usual trails from the bottom of King Eddy, not very fast as night riding ads a new element of difficulty.

Vernon ATV Club rides responsibly access Forest Service Roads and Crown Lands. All participants are reminded of their obligation to comply with the Off-Road Vehicle Act (Bill 13).

Supermoon is Sunday night at approximately 8:00pm our time, it is also a lunar eclipse, so a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse or “blood moon”. It is the first time in 30 years that the supermoon (full moon at its closest point of its earth orbit) and eclipse happen at the same time, the next will be in 2029. 

Labour Day Ride

Leaving from the bottom of King Eddy Road at 10:00am on Monday, September 7, this ride will take us down past Beaver Lake and Postill Lake. This is a longer ride so we won’t be back until 4-5:00pm.

Campfires are allowed again so bring your lunch fixins as we’ll have a campfire. Be prepared for all weather, forecast is for 40% chance of rain (as of Friday).