Bear Creek Ride and Trail Clearing

Ride Recap
A fun day on the trails at Bear Creek Kelowna with a bit of trail work thrown in for good measure.

The first trail work we ran into was water running down the trail instead so we redug a couple of the water control structures to prevent further trail erosion (note to self, remember a shovel next time!).

Someone had already bucked logs along the first bit of trail #1 but after checking out the radio towers on Blue Grouse Mtn we started getting into more snow then downed trees. After lunch in a clearing overlooking the city we trudged on through the snow until we came across a steep downhill with a number of trees across it. It was getting late in the afternoon and our progress had slowed to a walk so we turned around and took almost 2 hours to climb the 50 metres back up the steep slope.

Watch for more rides at Bear Creek or check out the Okanagan Trail Riders Association page to get in touch with them for other ride/volunteer opportunities.

Check out the GPS Track

We’re joining the Kelowna ATV Club at Bear Creek on Sunday, April 29, ready to ride at 10:00am sharp at the Aspen Trailhead.

Bring your chainsaw or handsaw and necessary safety gear. We’ll be clearing blowdown as we encounter it on the trails. Trail fees are waived for the ride in exchange for our work on the trails.

For those needing a ride to Kelowna there are 3 spots for machines and riders on my trailer, let me know if you want to hop on. We’ll be leaving the DND parade ground parking lot at 8:30am Sunday morning for the drive to Bear Creek and should be back in Vernon around 5:30pm.