Chinese New Year Ride “The Rooster”

Ride Photos

10:30am start Sunday January 29 at the bottom of King Eddy Forest Service Road.

A ride to determine how far the roads are graded towards Beaver Lake Resort. Will be mostly a road ride, with occasional skirmishes onto side trails to check them out.

Dress warm, bring a shovel and rope, maybe some tea or coffee, for a celebration of a new year. “Year of the Fire Rooster”

Winter riding is usually considered Green (Beginner) or Blue (Intermediate) difficulty, the trails usually aren’t too difficult but beware of slippery roads and when riding trails it’s easy to get stuck off the side of the trail or if you break through and get high centred.

Try the Packed Trails Ride

Come see if the trail packing works, ready to ride at 10:30am Sunday January 15.

If you’ve been out winter riding you’ve likely noticed how much easier it is if a snowmobile or ATV has already blazed the trail and it’s even better if they’ve put down a nice firm base you can ride on.

So we’re testing to see if a little grooming goes a long way on our trails. In our case we took a tracked quad dragging some motorcycle tires behind and a snowmobile (helper) out last weekend and rode over 40km to pack and smooth the trails to see if we can make it places like Fan Hill and the Tunnel/Lobster Trail now that the steeper inclines are packed.

Weather man thinks it will warm up by the weekend but it’s still winter riding so come prepared. We’ll have a lunch campfire somewhere along the way to cook your brats and warm your fingies.

Ride difficulty is Green to Blue, upper beginner to intermediate skills required. We don’t tackle that difficult of terrain on the ride but the roads may be icy or extremely slippery and riding in existing wheel tracks can be moderately difficult. We encourage everyone to come out, we always try to accommodate all riders and provide assistance if needed for difficult sections.

Check out the map below of the packed route if you’re heading out on your own this weekend. There is a surprising amount of snowmobile traffic on the trails so many have a decent base but we found that even just one trip over with the track quad was noticeably easier to ride later the same day.