GPS Coordinates for Scavenger Hunt

We’ve had a number of people enter the coordinates from the Scavenger Hunt Score Card only to find the points showing in the middle of Kalamalka Lake, Downtown Vernon, etc. which is not where we hid them, promise!

The format we used in the score card is called Decimal Degrees (DD) .

50.18966 -119.1807

If you have been navigating since paper maps you’re likely most familiar with Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS).

N50°11’22.776″ W119°10’50.52″

Or you may prefer Degrees and Decimal Minutes (DDM).

N50°11.3796 W119°10.842

The three formats look different but they all represent the exact same spot on earth. Where we run into problems is if the GPS is expecting one format but we enter the information from another format.

Scavenger Hunt Rides

10:00am Sunday May 24 – King Eddy FSR

Sunday is National Scavenger Hunt Day but you can start now to find the hidden markers around the King Eddy/Aberdeen Plateau.

There are two options:

  1. GPS Scavenger Hunt
  2. Guided Ride with Scavenger Hunt Stops (scroll down for info)
    10:00am Start Sunday May 24 @ King Eddy FSR

GPS Scavenger Hunt

Start now to try to locate all 28 hidden coordinates. You’ll need a GPS, the score card, pen and camera to score maximum points!

Download the Scavenger Hunt Score Card

How Does it Work?
Use your GPS to find the hidden coordinates, write down the number from the laminated card attached to the tree and for bonus points take a selfie (that means you in the photo) with the location number.

Downloads (links removed after ride completed)

  • Download the Scavenger Hunt Score Card – PDF
    Please see our post about GPS formats if you don’t recognize the coordinate format we’ve used.
  • Download the Coordinates – GPX
    Coordinate waypoints are named SCVG A, SCVG B, etc.


  • One Point will be awarded for each correct number/coordinate combination. Share a photo of your completed card for scoring.
  • One Bonus Point will be awarded for each laminated card you take a selfie with.
  • Five Bonus Points will be awarded to riders that take a selfie with the trash they find and pack out.

Share your photos on Facebook or Instagram and tag @vernonatvclub OR email your photos to [email protected]

ATVBC’s Annual Raffle is your chance to win a Polaris RZR Trail or $15,000 cash. One ticket will be awarded for each of the following:

  • Highest Score
  • Best Selfie with Garbage Packed Out
  • Random Draw Prize for All Participants

All entries must be posted to Facebook or Instragram (and tagged with @vernonatvclub) or emailed to [email protected] by 6:00pm Monday May 25.

Guided Ride with Scavenger Hunt Stops

Steve will be leading a ride starting at 10:00am Sunday May 24 from the bottom of King Eddy FSR with stops to let riders seek out hidden scavenger treasures.

Prizes (ATVBC Raffle Tickets) will be awarded to the rider that finds the most hidden trinkets and a random draw for all riders. 

Remember we’re still living in COVID times so keep a safe distance from other riders at all times.

This event is open to everyone who wants to attend, you don’t need to be a Vernon ATV Club member to participate.

If you are out in the forest and spot one of these tags please leave them in place so everyone can play.