Vernon ATV Club membership can be purchased at Johnston Meier Insurance  (3923 – 32nd Street, Vernon)


online via the ATV/BC website.

Membership Types and Annual Dues:

Individual/Primary Membership
= $40 for ATV/BC + $20 for Vernon ATV Club

Family Membership*
= $40 for Primary Membership, $25 for Secondary Membership, $10 for Children, $40 for Vernon ATV Club

Associate Membership
 – for existing members of another ATV/BC club who also wish to join the Vernon ATV Club

A “Secondary” member is a spouse or partner of  “Primary” member residing at the same address.

* Children are under 16 years of age and reside in the same residence as the “Primary” member. Children would be non voting members but still belong to both ATVBC and Vernon ATV Club.