Upcoming Membership and Waiver Changes

I’ve been contacted by a number of club members with questions since they received the ATVBC MUST READ – IMPORTANT CHANGES to membership join and renew methods” email sent to ATVBC members on March 29. 

I was frustrated when I first heard about the new waiver requirements imposed on ATVBC by its insurance company and what it would mean for rides and events. It concerns me that our legal system rewards someone injured while willingly participating in a club event instead of holding them accountable for their actions and decisions. Given a few minutes to reflect, I put myself in the shoes of someone injured who loses the ability to make a living for months or years and came to understand why they might try using the legal system to keep themselves and their family afloat at the expense of volunteers and their organizations.

I don’t have the power to change the legal system so I accepted that we would need to comply with the new waiver requirements so our club could continue to function without risking the financial future of all our volunteers. Our volunteer directors, ride leaders, tail gunners and everyone who has ever been in a decision making role in the club have spent too much time, energy and money sharing the love of ATVing with others to be sued for everything they own.

Why Waivers?
Signing the waiver means you’re waiving your right to sue the club, directors, ride leaders, etc. Please read the waiver on the ATVBC website and be sure you understand what it means for your legal rights should you be injured at a club event.

As of May 1, 2022 all new and renewing memberships can only be purchased via the ATVBC website. When you complete the membership form you are required to accept the waiver.

As of May 1, 2022, all people participating in club rides and events will be required to have signed the waiver. The recommendation from ATVBC (its insurance company) is that we have everyone sign a waiver at every event to ensure we don’t miss anyone. The club is still determining if it will track who has a current waiver or if we’ll use the waivers for everyone approach.

Non-members and guest riders are still welcome on rides provided they read, understand and sign the waiver.

What Does This Mean For You?
You either sign the waiver and can participate in club rides and events, or you don’t sign and you can’t. 

Unfortunately it’s that simple.


Clint Ingham
President – Vernon ATV Club

Membership Purchases and Renewals

Effective May 1st, ATVBC will be converting to on-line transactions for the purchase of new or renewal club memberships. This will mean the end of the paper transactions that we had been used to. Over the past few years, the majority of Vernon club members have already made this switch and have been using the ATVBC website to purchase their club memberships.

It’s long overdue to give a big shout-out to the staff at Johnston Meier’s Vernon office for their service in handling the paper renewals at their office for these many years. Please be aware that you will no longer be able to purchase your ATVBC membership at their office as of April 30th. You will need to bring your ATVBC membership information with you when you go to get your insurance. Please be kind and respect the Johnston Meier staff if they politely inform you that you have to bring your membership paperwork with you.

Going forward, to become a member, go to the ATVBC Quad Riders ATV Association of BC website (www.atvbc.ca) and click on the Join ATVBC link in the header.

For those members who are renewing, you should have received a reminder email from ATVBC where you can click on the URL in the invoice to lead you through the process. Otherwise you can go to the website www.atvbc.ca and click on the Join ATVBC link to take you to the renewal.

Once your purchase is complete, you will get an email from ATVBC with your membership details and a membership card you can print out if needed. You will need to take this info with you when go to renew your machine’s insurance policy in order to get the club discount. In a hurry? You can screenshot or print your membership card while you are still on-line after making your purchase and take that to your insurance agent.

Your membership is valid for 1 year and you will receive a renewal reminder via email prior to the expiry date. As always, please ensure that you advise ATVBC of any changes to your email address so that they can keep you up to date.

Gerry West
Membership Director – Vernon ATV Club