Crispy Crunchy Ride Recap

What a day for a ride with Vernon socked in its mid-winter grey coat. We quickly climbed above the clouds and were treated to bright blue skies and a seascape of clouds covering the city below.

Both wheeled and tracked machines along for the ride. Some people took the opportunity to try a tracked quad for the first time and bad luck for Verne he got sucked off the side of the road and down into the deep snow in the ditch. When tracked quads get stuck they’re really stuck and no amount of pushing, pulling, winching or advice was breaking it free until the shovels came out to dig the Grizzly free.

Great ride crew, stay tuned for details of our next ride on the February 6/7 weekend!

Crispy Crunchy Ride

Ride heads out at 11:00am, Sunday, January 24 from the bottom of Noble Canyon Road in Lavington. With the warmer temperature recently we may have some crispy crunchy snow to ride on… but that’s over a week away so who knows.

Bring the usual winter riding gear, your lunch at the campfire and a small shovel and tow strap is advised. More details next week.