Friday Night Snow Ride Report

It was raining at staging, only 2 riders and neither one was too keen on riding in the rain but they knew it would turn to snow eventually.

Headed up West Brewer first but couldn’t continue beyond the end of the plowed road. Went back and went up King Eddy and made it to 8.5km (1300m elevation) before it was too much of a slog to continue.

It rained up to about 6.5km (1100m elevation) then the snow started to accumulate. There was about 30cm of fresh snow on top of another 15cm of soft snow. If you stopped on a steep slope you had to back up to less slope to get going again.

Lots of fun riding on the slush on the plowed road, felt like a rally racer around every corner.

We should (***should***) be able to make it to Becker Lake on the Saturday ride because Becker Lake is at 1200m and there aren’t too many steep pitches on Becker main.

See you at Noble Canyon Saturday at 5:00pm!

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