Silver Star Work Party, Lunch & Ride II

9:30am start at Vernon Snowmobile Club Parking Lot

Starting with a safety meeting at 9:30am sharp on Sunday October 15 at the Vernon Snowmobile Association snowmobile parking lot in Silver Star Provincial Park, there is a morning work party to move the firewood we stacked so nicely (exactly a year ago) back into the majestic new Silver Star Chalet, followed by a campfire hotdog lunch then then a guided ride of the snowmobile/ATV trails in the Trinity Ricardo area.

RSVP my email to [email protected] by 5:00pm Friday October 13 if attending so we have hotdogs, pop and chips for everyone.

WORK – The morning work party will consist of carrying firewood from the outside pile into the new chalet.

RIDE – The ride is an intermediate level ride due to some mud sections, tricky rain ruts and decent pace to cover the distance required to be back before dark. A single tank of fuel will be ample for the day, remember to pack clothes for all conditions as Silver Star is at 1700+ metres elevation and the weather can change fast.

There are 3 outhouses along the ride route, we expect to be done and back at the snowmobile parking lot by 5:00pm at the latest.

Directions: The turnoff to Silver Star Provincial Park is 18.5kms from the Butcher Boys intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Silver Star Rd, turn left onto Sovereign Lake Road, drive 2km then turn right and follow the road to the upper snowmobile parking lot where you can unload your ATV.

Ride Recap

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out today to move the firewood into the Vernon Snowmobile Association’s new chalet.

After moving a mountain of wood everyone had a nutritious campfire lunch of hotdogs, chips, cookies, pop and halloween candies and told stories in the beautiful fall weather before a ride through the park and along snowmobile trails in the Trinity Ricardo recreation area.

Thanks again volunteers, it took a lot of people to get all that firewood stacked up inside the chalet.

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