Sign up for the ATV Club Parade Entry

You don’t have to go crazy getting yourself and your machine ready because just a few items will make you look like a police officer/vehicle. 

Ideas for People or Pets in/on Your Quad or Side x Side

  • A dark jacket with some badges stuck on the shoulders
  • Aviator style sunglasses (or just some sort of sunglasses)
  • A stick on mustache
  • A dark ballcap, police style hat or motorcycle helmet

Ideas for Your Quad or Side x Side

  • We had zero interest in red/blue flashing lights which isn’t a bad thing because you can’t drive with them anywhere except the parade
  • Some sort of cover to make your machine black and white, painted cardboard, construction paper, etc.
  • A badge on the side or doors that says POLICE or HIGHWAY PATROL 

When and Where
The parade is Saturday February 4, everyone needs to be assembled in the lane behind Banner Recreation and ready to roll at 11:00am. From here we ride a short distance to the staging area and wait for the start of the parade at noon. 

Ride Behaviour
The parade proceeds at an extremely slow pace, there’s no burnouts, smokeshows or racing around. A bit of blipping the throttle got good responses from the crowd last year, the big thing is we have to keep it safe and responsible.

We Provide Food
The club will have food ready once we arrive at the staging area near Seaton School.

Sign up using the form below so we know how much food to bring and so you can let us know if you have any food allergies.

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