Postill Lake Ride with Kelowna ATV Club – Sunday, September 11

Ride Recap

A great ride with the Kelowna ATV Club in the Postill and Beaver Lake area. A large group of riders from both clubs showed up for a tour through many different forest and trail types and through some technical and challenging obstacles. Thanks again for an excellent ride and we look forward to our next adventure together!

Postill Lake Area Ride

Meeting instructions:

Time: Meet at 9:00am.
Directions to meeting place (see waypoint and track below):

  1. Turn east off of Hwy 97 turn onto Old Vernon Road just north of the airport (49 58’ 13.2”N, 119 23’ 8.2”W).
  2. Follow Old Vernon Road through a 90 degree right turn and continue to Postill Lake Road.
  3. Turn left onto Postill Lake Road and continue to a T-intersection (Postill Lake Rd & Anderson Rd).
  4. Turn left at the intersection and continue along Postill Lake Road.
  5. When the road splits stay left on gravel covered Postill Lake Road (right is paved Farmer’s Drive).
  6. Continue another 10.4km along Postill Lake Road to the meeting place at 50° 00′ 7.55″ N, 119° 15′ 55.4″ W – view on Google Map
  7. Unload there.

Ride Area:

  • area around Postill Lake. The ride will endeavour to take as many trails as possible but some FSR riding will be necessary.
  • The ride will be a “Blue” rating

Special Instructions:

  • Bring chainsaw (with spare gas, oil, etc.), radio, lunch and suitable clothes (the elevation is +/-1,400m and it can be cold up there this time of year).
  • Email [email protected] to let us know if you’re coming.

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  1. Hi my name is Darren
    Im new to the area and interested in your group .
    Do you have many sxs in the group?
    Me and my daughter ride together most times
    And are very family oriented with our rides.
    How is your group ?


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