Overland 1 – Vernon, Beaverdell, Edgewood

September 9-11, 2022

Another great trip, this time the fun started at 4:00pm from King Eddy and made along the very dusty roads and trails to Lassie Lake Rec Site around 8:00pm to set up camp in the dark.

We were aware of the 1315m elevation of the recreation site so expected a few degrees cooler than the valley bottom but someone’s device registered -5C overnight and there was a layer of frost on everything come Saturday morning.

Next stop was Beaverdell for fuel and food but the town was abuzz because it was Farmer’s Market day and the Show N Shine. After a good stop the ride continued to Goat Peak then through a tight trail to Beaver Creek Road, Christian Valley and east to meet with riders from the Grand Forks ATV Club that we finally met in Renata.

Everyone was excited to camp on the beach at Renata so quickly got to work on setting up their tents then met at the campfire ring for a few hours of story telling before turning in for the night.

Sunday was going to be a long ride so with everything packed up riders headed north for food and fuel in Edgewood, a brief stop on the beach then tackled the tight trail to the Galloping Hills side. A brief stop at Mt Scaia then down to Kettle Valley and Harris Creek home wrapped up a dusty but fun 600km adventure.

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