GPS Coordinates for Scavenger Hunt

We’ve had a number of people enter the coordinates from the Scavenger Hunt Score Card only to find the points showing in the middle of Kalamalka Lake, Downtown Vernon, etc. which is not where we hid them, promise!

The format we used in the score card is called Decimal Degrees (DD) .

50.18966 -119.1807

If you have been navigating since paper maps you’re likely most familiar with Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS).

N50°11’22.776″ W119°10’50.52″

Or you may prefer Degrees and Decimal Minutes (DDM).

N50°11.3796 W119°10.842

The three formats look different but they all represent the exact same spot on earth. Where we run into problems is if the GPS is expecting one format but we enter the information from another format.

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