Friday Night Ride @ King Eddy

Ride starts at 6:30pm Friday May 12

You can’t always fit in a weekend ride so evenings are a sneaky way of getting a ride in without losing an entire day. 

The plan for this ride is to complete the planned loop to Beaver Lake from Saturday’s ride. Be ready to ride at 6:30pm Friday May 12 at the King Eddy staging area (9km east of Vernon on Highway 6).

Club riders are open to everyone, we encourage new riders to come to a couple of rides to see what the club is like before you join.

Ride Recap

It was an awesome turn out Friday night at King Eddy. 14 machines (5 ATV and 9 SXS) and all of them were full to the brim! There was even cluster of kids that tagged along and boy did they enjoy running around burning some energy.

There were some slushy and muddy bits and a whole lot of dust to go with the heat. The group headed out around 6:45pm and were back at the trucks a little after 11pm. The goal was to do the Beaver Lake Route but unfortunately some downed trees changed that plan.

The crew then turned around and headed back the way they came which ended up being a good thing as they crossed paths with a Kia Soul stuck in the snow. Everyone came together and after a little bit of rocking they were able to push the grateful driver out.

All in all it was the perfect way to finish the week and hope we get the same turn out for the next one!

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