Fly Hills – Save Your Photos Day Ride

10:00am start Sunday September 26

Check the maps below for directions, the Salmon Arm Snowblazers parking lot isn’t easy to find so study the map or join the convoy leaving Tim Horton’s on 58th Street Vernon at 8:30am.

This is going to be a slightly faster ride with speeds up to 80kmh on open Forest Service Roads and a pace of 30-50kmh on trails. If you’re not able to maintain 30-50kmh on trails please check back for future rides to attend.

The Fly Hills has an amazing variety of trails and numerous viewpoints.

Join the convoy leaving Tim Hortons on 58th Street Vernon at 8:30am. We are aiming to have our pre-ride safety meeting and being ready to ride at 10:00am.

The Salmon Arm Snowblazers trail system staging area we’re using is west of Salmon Arm. Please review the map below or join the convoy leaving Vernon at 8:30am.

Trail Difficulty Rating
Intermediate level and above riders will enjoy this ride which combines a mix of Forest Service Road, old logging/skid trails and snowmobile trails.

Ride Speed
Speeds will reach up to 80kmh on open Forest Service Roads and will be at a sustained 30-50kmh on trail sections. Please skip this ride if you can’t do this speed, there will be more leisurely rides in the coming weeks.

Trailside Bathrooms
We are riding past a few recreation sites and snowmobile cabins for those needing an outhouse.

Viewpoints and Breaks
There will be a few breaks to take in the views, for snacks and a longer lunch break with a campfire so bring something to toast over the fire.

What to Bring

  • Food and drink for a day riding
  • Clothes for all weather conditions, we ride in all conditions!
  • Your standard ATV emergency supplies
  • A chainsaw or handsaw, we haven’t ridden here all summer so there may be trees down.
  • A single tank of fuel will be adequate for the entire ride.

Vernon ATV Club and events are open to everyone, we encourage new riders to come out for a couple of rides to meet club members, find new trails and get a sense of the club before joining.

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