3 Valley Gap GPS Ride Report

I left Vernon July 9, 2016 for my first GPS ride and was pumped with excitement, even with the rain pouring down in buckets.

Arrived at 3 Valley Gaps event site at 8am, looked like a well-organized setup, including a pancake breakfast. Stuffed my face and chatted with the many participants. Bought 3 sets of tickets, 12 in total, and roared off into the great unknown, hoping I could find them all, or at least find my way back if I couldn’t, before my food or gas ran out.

Still pouring buckets, but no dust, found the first GPS coordinate, and realized what I was looking for, entered the next one, and off again. Stunning scenery along the way, and with the rain, I felt like a pirate looking for buried treasure as I searched out the next spot.

Found all but one GPS plaque (it was missing – honest) and returned to the camp site around 4:30pm, Entered my results, changed into dry clothing, loaded up and headed back to Vernon.

Great event, great people, great fun – I highly recommend it! Even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of adventure and satisfaction of finding all the hidden GPS locations.

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