Vernon Mountain Ride from Silver Star Road

Ride on Vernon Mountain departing at 10:00am Sunday, September 14 from Ladner Road, off of Silver Star Road.

Map and directions from Butcher Boys to Ladner Road.

The start of this ride leaves from a neighbourhood and uses private land for the first few kms so there is zero tolerance for burnouts, loud engine revving, people racing up and down the roads, etc. If you need to hooligan around at the beginning or end of the ride, don’t come to this ride.

Ladner Road is approximately 10km up Silver Star Road from Butcher Boys (intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Silver Star Road)

Come down Ladner Road right to the end of the road, the house number is 8439. Turn around at the end of the road and park on either side of the road.

We’ll be exploring the trails around Dixon Dam, Noble Canyon and Becker Lake. Bring your GPS to update your tracks because there has been so much logging that trails have moved all over the place. Trails should all be wide enough for narrow side by sides (RZRs, Wildcats, Rhinos), not sure about wider side by sides.

Bring your lunch, camera, clothes for all weather. We’ll have a camp fire to cook over for lunch and if anyone’s interested there will be smokies, buns and condiments for $2 per smokie (please email [email protected] by Friday night to say how many smokies you want).

There is a couple hundred metre section of one of our old trails that now runs through a cut block. It is rideable but a bit sketchy because an excavator went through and mounded the soil making for lots of ups and downs and side to side crawling. I spent 4 hours shovelling on the first half of the trail this past weekend to make is safely passable. We’ll survey the mood of the group to see if there is interest in spending up to an hour to touch up the last stretch to bring a fun few kms of trail back online. Work would consist of walking to identify the best route, a small amount of cutting with hand or chain saw and shovelling to fill in the off camber mounds to make it more rideable to a greater number of riders. Please bring a shovel so we can make quick work of this section of the trail.

Difficulty ranges from easy road and trails to moderate/advanced trail crawling.

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