Mara Mtn Ride and Lookout Check

RIDE REPORT – We put the ATV in team (!?)

A big turnout for this adventure high into the alpine to see if we can reach the Mara Mtn Lookout to assess its condition, make some repairs and shutter the windows for the coming winter.

Grey skies and precipitation were forecast for the afternoon, as we reached the alpine the snow started coming pretty hard. The ground was still too warm for the snow to stick and it stopped snowing after we were at the lookout a few minutes.

This ride was “the ultimate handyman/handywoman” ride because almost everyone brought their cordless drills, saws and other tools. So many people helping clean, fix, find and locate shutters meant we were done in no time.

Recreation, Sites and Trails BC really appreciates us being able to check on remote sites like this as they have so much to cover with just a few staff. We’re working on plans to head up to the lookout in July or August 2019 to put a fresh coat of paint on.

UPDATE September 15 – The ride is on. You voted in favour of braving the conditions to attempt to reach the lookout so get your woolies on because we’re going.


UPDATE September 13 – You need to vote if you want to go to the lookout this weekend as there is a very high chance there will be snow, possibly enough that we can’t make the lookout.

Vote in the poll or send a message Facebook or email [email protected] if you still want to go.

Ride: 10:00am Sunday, September 16, 2018
We’d better head to Mara Mtn before the snow. Last year we tried in mid October and were snowed out before the peak so trying in September.
The purpose of this ride is to check out the forestry lookout and ensure it’s ready to go into the winter. We check for shutters on the windows, damage to the structure, etc that we can fix so snow isn’t getting in the building or causing further damage.
The ride is a bit rough in spots but the view is well worth it, if you haven’t been to Mara Mtn before it’s almost bucketlist worthy.
Contact us through Facebook or by email ([email protected]) if you are coming and have hand tools you can bring like battery powered saw, drill, screwdriver, etc or a small generator and corded tools. We’ll bring some building materials to patch holes, cut new shutters if needed.
For anyone driving from Vernon we’ll be leaving the Tim Horton’s by Walmart at 8:30am Sunday, September 16, briefly stopping east of the bridge on Cliff Avenue in Enderby to gather up locals at 9:00am then ready to ride on 3 Valley Mabel FSR at 10:00am. Click here for map and directions.
This ride reaches up to 7,400 ft elevation so bring enough clothes for a surprise snow storm and brisk winds.
Message on Facebook or email if you’d like to carpool.

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