Early King Eddy Ride

Ride Photos & Video – a big turnout of 22 riders on 19 machines. The off-road skills park at Grizzly Lake is up and running and being used by families, great to see kids out learning to ride in a safe area!

Starting at the bottom of King Eddy Road at 9:00am Sunday, September 24 this ride is planned to head further east and south than most club rides so that’s why the 9:00am start. Come prepared for fall conditions and campfires aren’t allowed so bring a lunch you can have without a fire.

Rides are open to everyone so if you or a friend aren’t members just show up. We have a safety meeting at the start of each ride and will stop to help you through or around anything encountered along the way.

Remember to think safety, everyone has been off for a few months so some people will be a little excited out there. Combine that will all the traffic from bikes and quads to trucks and hunters, be alert and ride safe!

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