What to Bring to a Club Ride

Being prepared before each ride can ensure you enjoy a trouble free day on the trails.


  • Your machine is in good mechanical condition, full of fuel and ready to ride.
  • Your protective clothing: helmet, long shirt and pants, gloves, sturdy boots, extra clothes for the conditions.
  • Your documents: a minimum of $200,000 third party liability insurance, vehicle registration, your driver’s license.
  • Food and water to get you through the ride.


  • Extra fuel, depends on the machine and ride length
  • Tools to fix minor problems on your machine, tire patch kit and pump
  • Hand or chainsaw to cut logs across trail
  • GPS and communication devices, phones don’t always work so radio may get a call out or a satellite phone/communicator should if you’re in trouble
  • Emergency equipment (see emergency supplies section)

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