Safe Loading/Unloading Tips

Loading and unloading is one of the highest risk activities encountered as part of a fun day on the trail. This video from shows how to properly secure ramps and safely load into your vehicle.

Having your machine land on you can happen in a split-second when a ramp slips out or fails so the likelihood of you being able to get out of the way in time is extremely low… you really don’t want your 600lbs+ machine laying on you!

Steps to loading safely:

  1. Get good quality ramps, rated to handle the size and weight of your quad or side x side and are long enough to allow for a safe loading angle into your truck – jacked up trucks will require longer ramps.
  2. Secure your ramps to your truck with straps and check that the ramps can’t slip or slide out as you apply power up the ramps.
  3. Wear a helmet when loading/unloading in case something happens. If you have a side x side wear your seatbelt, you want to be inside the machine in the event of a rollover.
  4. Use 4 wheel drive and low range and apply the throttle smoothly as you climb the ramps.
  5. Get your weight forward – just like climbing a hill when riding you should be prepared to lean forward or stand to move your weight forward as required for the slope of your ramps.

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