Where to Ride, Where not to Ride

Access to the BC backcountry isn’t a right, if you don’t ride responsibly we all could lose access to our riding areas. There is a vast network of roads of all ages, sizes and conditions in the backcountry, this is the bulk of what we ride on. The best are usually old skid trails and logging tote roads as they have a hard base, relatively level surface and wind their way through countless miles of country. There are often water crossings and puddles on these roads and trails but this is different from the picturesque swamps and meadows just off the side of the trail that are off limits to riding.

Where not to ride:

  • Anywhere off established trails. If there is a trail there’s no good reason to blaze your own trail. This includes downed trees and other obstacles that could be moved, instead of making a trail wider, take the time and cut or remove the fallen tree.
  • No mud bogging in riparian areas, swamps, meadows, the foreshore around lakes. If there are puddles on your favourite trail you’re encouraged to mud it up there but don’t go finding new places to get muddy because it could land you a hefty fine and seizure of your machine.
  • Private land where you don’t have permission to ride

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