Club Benefits

We all have our own reasons for riding ATVs and for joining the club. We believe these are some of the key benefits available to Vernon ATV Club members:

  • Rides – we enjoy getting out to ride this beautiful part of the province. Group rides are led by experienced members of the club and will take you to areas you may not have visited before.
  • Camaraderie – you’ll meet like minded people through the club to hang out with and arrange your own rides when the club isn’t riding.
  • Help and assistance – other riders will be there to help with training, clearing trail obstacles, machine breakdowns & roadside assistance, or even first aid.
  • Insurance – being a member of an ATV club gets you discounts on insurance.
  • Events – the club hosts events throughout the year and you’re invited to every one of them.
  • Training – the club has held a number of training sessions on topics including GPS Navigation, Chainsaw Safety, What to Carry for an Emergency and Ride Leadership.
  • Communications – every Wednesday we send an email with what’s going on this weekend and in the coming weeks, news, photos, videos and a weekly poll question. We also have an active Facebook page where you can find short-notice rides (ones that didn’t make the Wednesday email), photos and videos from previous rides and more. Our website also lists our rides plus other resource information.

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