Alice in Wonderland Costume Ideas

The Alice in Wonderland theme for the 2018 Winter Carnival Parade provides loads of options and ideas for unique costumes.

Riding or driving a machine throws a wrinkle into some costumes but don’t let that stop your quest to come up with a memorable costume.

Don’t feel you have to go crazy or spend excessively on your costume, the club hasn’t set out to be best dressed, we just want to put in a good parade entry.

Looking for Inspiration?

Barbara shared a couple ideas:

  • Take a deck of playing cards and a roll of duct tape, cover the quads and riders, helmet and all.
  • White pillow case separated at the side and a hole on top for the head to go through, Jiffy marker a card on front.

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If you’d like to base your costume on a professional costume, check one of the many online costume shops: