Sunday Ride – the Chocolate Covered Raisin Ride

Thanks Steve for leading another great early season ride. A big turnout of riders again, reports are the snow is melting fast but why didn’t anyone have toasted chocolate covered raisins for lunch?

When pressed for a name we resort to looking up what national day it is, so now you’ll remember that March 25 is national Chocolate Covered Raisin Day. Last ride was the waffle ride and we had folks toasting waffles over the fire, stay tuned to see what happens with the Glosettes this weekend.

Riding will be limited to the graded roads, straying too far from plowed roads means getting really stuck this winter. Beginner riders and up are welcome on this ride, the only thing to be aware of is it can be slick from 0-10km on King Eddy Road as it hides in the shade much of the day.

Bring your friends, members and non-members are all invited to come out. If you’re not a member but want to check out the club come out to see some new trails and meet riding buddies.

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