Quad Rider Radio Use Survey

Everyone who enters the survey has the option of sharing their contact info to be entered to win one Baofeng ride leader/tailgunner radio. One entry per person per vehicle type (Motorcycle, Quad, Side x Side).

Survey deadline is 9:00pm Thursday March 28, 2024, the winner will be selected via a random number generator from all survey responses and announced in the club email the first week of April 2024.

Vehicle Type

What type of quad do you ride?(Required)
Do you ever ride with a passenger?(Required)

Radio Usage

Do you carry a radio/use comms while riding?(Required)
What type of radio/comms do you use?(Required)

What do you use the radio/comms for while riding?(Required)
Do you listen to music while riding?(Required)

Sound Levels

Do you find it difficult to hear the radio while riding?(Required)
Do you find it difficult to hear passengers while riding (without having to slow down to hear)?(Required)
Do you wear hearing protection while riding?(Required)
Does the volume of your quad bother you while/after riding?(Required)

Contact Information (Optional)

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