Challenges to Ongoing Access to Riding Areas

Do your part to preserve access to riding areas and protect the environment we enjoy.

We’re fortunate to live in beautiful British Columbia as we have access to some of the best backcountry riding anywhere. Unfortunately our continued access isn’t assured, more people are enjoying a myriad of outdoor recreational pursuits placing increased pressure on the environment we all treasure. 

As members of an ATV Club you’re likely not the cause of the problem, the vast majority of our club members understand the rules and respect others and the areas we ride. There are a number of things that you can do every time you ride to help keep riding areas open including:

  • don’t ride in closed areas
  • stay on the trail
  • respect other trail users and neighbours
  • be mindful that you are making noise, keep it to a minimum
  • ensure you’re not transporting noxious weeds from one area to another
  • stay clear of wildlife 
  • ride safely and look out for others
This trail was once a sustainable trail but now it's a muddy disgrace.

What do you do when you see this?  Report it!

We all know this isn’t right, this trail in the alpine is in the now closed Joss-Tsuius-Mabel Mountain area (see below). Years ago the trail was a responsible trail, just wide enough for an ATV or pickup but over the years the trail has become a muddy disgrace.

The sign says it all, stay on the trail or stay home.

One of the key principles of protecting our riding areas is to always stay on the trail. If there is a tree across the trail you cut it, you don’t ride around. If the puddle looks deep you either ride through it or turn around, you don’t ride around. 

If you’re out riding and you see people damaging the environment get a photo (if you can safely do so) so you can report the offender. ATV Clubs supported the implementation of license plates so we could have a way of identifying problem makers.

Conservation and forestry are employing more hidden cameras to catch idiots but the reality is we need to police ourselves or we’ll be shut out of more riding areas.

Joss-Tsuius-Mable Mtn Motorized Closure

There is a significant closure in our area, the Joss-Tsuius-Mable Mtn area is the high land between Mabel and Sugar Lake that extends north almost to the Trans-Canada Highway at 3 Valley Gap. Everything above 1,700m elevation is closed to motorized vehicles from March 1 to November 30.

As of July 1st, 2018, under the Wildlife Act’s, Motor Vehicle Prohibition Regulation 196/99, the Joss-Tsuis-Mable Mountain motor vehicle closure is listed under Schedule 1 – Motor Vehicle Closed Areas.

motor vehicle” means a device in, on or by which a person or thing is being or may be transported or drawn, and which is designed to be self propelled, and includes an atv or snowmobile, but does not include:

(a) a device designed to be moved by human, animal or wind power,
(b) a device designed to be used exclusively on stationary rails or stationary tracks, or
(c) a boat propelled by motorized power;

Motor vehicle closed areas: 
2. A person commits an offence if he or she uses or operates a motor vehicle in an area described in Schedule 1 during the period specified in that schedule for each area.

This essentially limits all motorized use (regardless of user) except during the winter months and on forest service roads and doesn’t exclude aircraft.

Tween Lakes Lookout Run

Meet Steve at the bottom of King Eddy Road (9kms east of Vernon on Hwy 6) at 10:00am Monday November 26 for a leisurely ride to the Tween Lake Lookout.

Weekdays means industrial activity on the forest service roads so we’ll be riding cautiously on the mains and trying to get off onto trails as soon as possible.

Dirtbikes, quads and side x sides. The ride is open to everyone, you don’t need to be a club member to attend. Come see what the club is all about, meet other riders and find new trails.
The Vernon ATV Club promotes responsible all terrain vehicle use. Riders must must carry proof of $200,000 liability insurance for riding on forest service roads, driver’s license and quad riders must wear a helmet (side x side riders aren’t required by law to wear helmets but we recommend they do).

2018 Christmas Party

The Greedy Santa Gift Exchange at the 2017 Christmas Party

Party starts at 6:00pm Saturday November 17

It’s time to register for this year’s club Christmas Party. This is a family friendly event with fun and games for kids, adults and those who can’t decide which they are.

We’re going potluck again for supper so bring your secret family recipe to the party. The club will be providing the staples (turkey, potatoes, etc.) so members will be asked to bring salads, casseroles and such. If we have too many of one thing we may ask if you can bring another dish, but we’ll be in touch either way.

Each year we ask members to bring cash or non-perishable food items for the Food Bank. We challenge everyone bring a minimum of $5 per person for the food bank, the more the better!

Bring a re-gift, new or gently used, wrapped for the Greedy Santa gift exchange game! The gift exchange goes for a couple of hours, the basic premise is an item can be stolen a maximum of three times and when you have an item stolen, you decide if you want to unwrap a new gift from under the tree or steal an open gift from the crowd. We suggest gifts under $20 value, novelty gifts or even re-gift that darn present you got last year you don’t want… it’s all in fun!

For children too young to enjoy having their gifts stolen, the club provides presents. We’ll be in touch to see what your little one would like to receive.

2018 Christmas Tree Ride

Ride Photos

A fun ride at Noble Canyon to find a tree for the clubhouse and we actually found a tree, thanks to Paul for pointing out a gem right on the roadside!

Start Time: 10:30am Saturday, November 10
Location: Noble Canyon Road, Lavington

Each year we head out looking for the perfect (or imperfect) Christmas tree for the clubhouse which usually means we go on an epic ride and either forget to get a tree or find one on the last few kms of the ride.

The ride will pull out from the cattle guard at the bottom of Noble Canyon Road at 10:30am.

Come prepared for a fun days worth of riding, a tiny bit of hunting for a Christmas tree. Then at 5:00pm we head to the clubhouse at 940 Pottery Road, Vernon to decorate the tree and a hot bowl of chili.

The Vernon ATV Club rides are open to everyone, attend a couple of rides to meet riders, find new trails and see what the club is all about. We’ll sure you’ll like it so much you join the club!

The Vernon ATV Club promotes responsible all terrain vehicle use. Riders must must carry proof of $200,000 liability insurance for riding on forest service roads, driver’s license and quad riders must wear a helmet (side x side riders aren’t required by law to wear helmets but we recommend they do).

SEMA Show Gallery

SEMA bombards the senses, starting with the wall to wall crowds when the show opens Tuesday morning, carbon fiber and custom everything everywhere you turn, the smell of burning rubber from the ride alongs and celebrity burnouts and more exhibitors than you could take in over the four days of the show.

Here’s a tiny fraction of what was at the show, if you ever get the chance you should go!

Howl at the Moon Dressup Fun Ride

10:00am Sunday October 28
Join Ghost Rider Steve at Noble Canyon for a fun ride and aimless wander. Dress yourself and your machine, get in the spooky spirit and enjoy what should be one of the last sunny days before the rains and snow sets in.
Leaving the cattleguard at the bottom of Noble Canyon Road at 10:00am. Come prepared for all conditions, bring a lunch and something to enjoy over the campfire while you tell stories and admire all the costumes.
Dirtbikes, quads and side x sides. The ride is open to everyone, you don’t need to be a club member to attend. Come see what the club is all about, meet other riders and find new trails.
The Vernon ATV Club promotes responsible all terrain vehicle use. Riders must must carry proof of $200,000 liability insurance for riding on forest service roads, driver’s license and quad riders must wear a helmet (side x side riders aren’t required by law to wear helmets but we recommend they do).

Vernon ATV Club Annual General Meeting

6:30pm Monday, October 22

It’s finally here, next Monday evening is our Annual General Meeting. Come by “the clubhouse” at 940 Pottery Road, Vernon to help steer the club ahead into 2019. There are three positions up for election so come put your name in or just share your opinion on what the club should be doing in the year ahead.

In addition to election of directors we set our dates for 2019 rides and events and engage everyone in attendance for their take on how 2018 went and what to do in 2019.

Let us know you’re coming on the form below or email [email protected]

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Family Ride to Crooked Lake

Was a great ride on Sunday, weather was perfect with minimal dust and sunny skies.

Geoff from Grande Forks joined our ride, Geoff has MS and never complained once about the trails, is still a great rider.

One rider said it was his first ride ever on a quad, and loved the trails and how everyone helped out.

Nathan and his daughter crew had a great time, especially at lunch roasting marshmallows. Great kids that never complain.

All in all a perfect ride, thanks all for coming out!

Thanks Steve for leading yet another great ride and Steve and Lori for the photos.

250km Marathon Ride

Ride Recap: The Not Quite 250km Ride

It sure looked promising as riders and machines kept turning up as the clock ticked toward 8:00am Sunday morning. After introductions and the safety chat we set off with 18 machines and 21 riders at a spirited pace up King Eddy, across the 7km trail and over Fan Hill, stopping at the bottom to reunite a lost gas can with its machine and to check in with everyone.

Wet snow was falling but optimism reigned so we forged south past Wilma Lake and down the Flyfish Lakes trail before stopping at Grizzly Lake with snowfall increasing by the minute. Discussions of barely missing stumps, hitting ruts funny and a wrong turn due to fogged up goggles were shared which prompted the larger discussion if we should continue given we had covered 50kms and it was just going to look more like winter as we continued.

We decided to head back to King Eddy the fastest way possible so Crescent Rd past Bear Lake and back down King Eddy had us back at the trucks before long.

Great to have so many riders out and a number of new riders, we look forward to seeing you out again and watch for more enhanced pace rides.

Photo Credit: Brad Hickson (thanks for capturing the nasty conditions)
Ride: 8:00am Sunday, September 30, 2018
Hold up – this ride is not for everyone! Read the rules of the ride to see if you should attend. 
  • Ready to ride at 8:00am
  • You must be able to ride 65kmh minimum on FSR stretches
  • Your machine has to be in good mechanical order
  • You must bring enough fuel to go 250kms
  • Be prepared for fewer/shorter breaks than normal club rides

Ok, so you’re up for the ride? Read on then!

Starting at 8:00am Sunday, September 30 from the bottom of King Eddy FSR in Coldstream. It’s a long ride so we need to start early, keep up a good pace and we’ll still be late in the afternoon getting back.

Ride difficulty is upper intermediate due to the speed, nothing greater than intermediate level difficulty obstacles along the route.

There will be a mix of trail and FSR with extended sections of FSR which is unavoidable on a ride this length. Consider bringing ear plugs because one section is 30+ minutes of FSR done at cruising speed (65kmh minimum) which gets tiring on the ears.

Bring food and drink for a full day on the trails. Breaks will be short and they won’t happen very often so bring something you can poke down quickly, we’ll try to stop and smell the flowers as much as possible but need to keep a brisk pace.

We reach 6,000ft elevation along the route so bring cold/wet weather riding gear.

Ride Route – this isn’t 100% accurate as it has been simplified to reduce the number of waypoints but is a pretty close approximation of where the 250km ride will go on Sunday.

Download the GPX file and bring your GPS or download a 3 month free trial of Gaia GPS App to your phone to track the ride.

Ride with Kelowna ATV Club

Ride: 9:00am Sunday, September 23, 2018

HEADS UP – we’re leaving the bottom of King Eddy at 9:00am so we can meet Kelowna at Damer Lake at 10:00am. Don’t be late!

Heading out from the bottom of King Eddy FSR to meet up with the Kelowna ATV Club for a ride of the Aberdeen Plateau.

You’ll find more information about the King Eddy riding area on our Riding Areas page.

Bring the usual supplies:

  • Food and drink
  • Clothing for fall conditions
  • Machine in good mechanical shape
  • Riding buddies