ATV club uncovers rural dump sites in Coldstream

by  Richard Rolke – Vernon Morning Star
Posted Oct 9, 2016 at 8:00 AM

A section of the bush is a little cleaner thanks to some dedicated volunteers.

Members of the Vernon ATV Club recently tackled garbage along the King Edward Forest Road, from Highway 6 to the King Edward Lake, Bear Lake and Kaiser Bill Lake recreation sites.

“It’s disappointing and surprising the lengths people will drive into the bush to dump,” said Clint Ingham, club president

The amount of trash collected weighed 2,800 pounds and filled five trucks.

Items included mattresses, TVs, household waste, construction material, furniture, exercise machines, bottles, cans, a burned travel trailer and hundreds of shotgun shells.

There is a concern that household waste could attract wildlife, while metal and other sharp pieces could pose a risk to recreational users and livestock.

“A cow could get cut up on it,” said Ingham, adding there is no need for illegal dumping.

“When I go to the landfill, I always find it affordable.”

Anyone who comes across illegal dumping can call the Report all Poachers and Polluters hotline at 1-877-952-7277 or #7277 on the Telus network.

Happy Thanksgiving Ride

After the downpour on Saturday who would have predicted the amazing day that Sunday turned out to be? A great day riding the trails around Becker Lake plus a GPS exercise, finding the 10 hidden coordinates that contained some Thanksgiving treats. All were found, great work guys!

An awesome first ride in the RZR for Jason and Caleb, the thumbs says it all.

10:00am – Sunday October 9 at Noble Canyon

There will be a short ride starting from the bottom of Noble Canyon at 10:00am Sunday, October 9 with the goal of being back down at the bottom by 3:00pm.

Bring your GPS and find the hidden turkeys along the ride, GPS coordinates will be provided by you have to figure out where they’re hiding.

Unload beyond the first cattleguard (400m after turning off the highway) then park alongside the paved portion of Noble Canyon Road leaving room for the driveways.

This ride will take us on the Becker Lake side of Noble Canyon to explore the trails, puddles and take in the views over the valley. Bring your usual gear including GPS, camera, lunch, appropriate clothing, repair and safety supplies. This ride would be a Green/Blue ride on our rating system as it is a combination of FSR, secondary roads and trails.

The GPS talk didn’t happen on the last ride so bring your questions to this ride!

Kingfisher Ride with Salmon Arm Club – Sunday October 2

Thanks Jeff for leading a beautiful ride to the top of Mara Mt!

Meet in Enderby Sunday, October 2 at 9:00am on the west side of the bridge in the Chamber of Commerce parking lot (see map below). Be ready to leave Enderby at 9:00am sharp, latecomers will be left behind!

From Enderby we will convoy east approximately 26km to Kingfisher Main FSR where we unload and head off on our adventure.

Bring your lunch, camera, survival gear and clothing for all conditions as this ride will take us high in the mountains (7,000+ feet).

Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be a member to attend the ride. Come on out, meet some folks and discover new trails!

Becker/Bardolph Ride from Ladner Rd

Saturday primed the trails with almost solid rain all day, Sunday looked a lot better though as the day started with broken cloud cover and only a hint of rain looming.

The group headed out from Ladner Road through a neighbour’s locked gate that accesses the trails. A short loop was planned for the 2WD dune buggy and its young passenger who is ready to head home after a couple of hours.

The group continued on up and over the cutblock at Dixon Dam over to the Hartnell Road side then made it’s way down Noble Canyon then up to Bardolph Lake where the clouds and light rain parted for a sunny lunch break and entertainment provided by the gentleman that showed up in his Pontiac Grand Am and proceeded to drag his oil pan over all the rocks and roots in the rec site.

After lunch the ride continued east to the hanglider/paraglider launch overlooking Lumby then rode up to the boundary of Silver Star where there is a trail that brings you back onto the Coldstream Creek road network. Time was running short and daylight fading so we headed home on the old Dixon Dam road.

Great having Josh and Danielle out for their first ride with the club, hope to see you back soon!

Download the ride track or view on the satellite and terrain maps below (the GPS stopped recording partway through so from Bardolph Lake on has been added manually through Google Earth):

Riding the Becker and Bardolph areas but we’re starting from Ladner Road which is 10km up Silver Star Road from Butcher Boys (intersection of Silver Star Rd & Pleasant Valley Road).

Ride departs at 10:30am, no racing around the meeting area as it is a residential neighbourhood. Come right down to the end of Ladner Road, turn around on the driveway then park along the side of the road.

Trails are ATV and SxS rideable. Bring a lunch, all weather gear as we’re heading into fall and your camera as we hit several viewpoints along the trail.

You don’t need to be a Vernon ATV Club member to attend, come ride with us!

Postill Lake Ride with Kelowna ATV Club – Sunday, September 11

Ride Recap

A great ride with the Kelowna ATV Club in the Postill and Beaver Lake area. A large group of riders from both clubs showed up for a tour through many different forest and trail types and through some technical and challenging obstacles. Thanks again for an excellent ride and we look forward to our next adventure together!

Postill Lake Area Ride

Meeting instructions:

Time: Meet at 9:00am.
Directions to meeting place (see waypoint and track below):

  1. Turn east off of Hwy 97 turn onto Old Vernon Road just north of the airport (49 58’ 13.2”N, 119 23’ 8.2”W).
  2. Follow Old Vernon Road through a 90 degree right turn and continue to Postill Lake Road.
  3. Turn left onto Postill Lake Road and continue to a T-intersection (Postill Lake Rd & Anderson Rd).
  4. Turn left at the intersection and continue along Postill Lake Road.
  5. When the road splits stay left on gravel covered Postill Lake Road (right is paved Farmer’s Drive).
  6. Continue another 10.4km along Postill Lake Road to the meeting place at 50° 00′ 7.55″ N, 119° 15′ 55.4″ W – view on Google Map
  7. Unload there.

Ride Area:

  • area around Postill Lake. The ride will endeavour to take as many trails as possible but some FSR riding will be necessary.
  • The ride will be a “Blue” rating

Special Instructions:

  • Bring chainsaw (with spare gas, oil, etc.), radio, lunch and suitable clothes (the elevation is +/-1,400m and it can be cold up there this time of year).
  • Email [email protected] to let us know if you’re coming.

GPX Files:

Monday September 26 Regular Club Meeting


6:00pm, Monday, September 26 at 940 Pottery Road

Details are finally firmed up for the Monday, September 26 meeting. We’re meeting at the ATV clubhouse at 940 Pottery Road, Vernon. Doors will open at 6 with the club meeting portion of the night getting started at 6:30pm.

Kevin Hillier from Vernon Search & Rescue will be doing a presentation and answering questions.

The meeting should be wrapped up by 7:30, everyone is encouraged to stay around and visit as long as they’d like. Remember to invite your friends and anyone you know who has been involved with the club over the years, we’d love to see them again! Snacks and beverages will be provided.

3 Valley Gap GPS Ride Report

I left Vernon July 9, 2016 for my first GPS ride and was pumped with excitement, even with the rain pouring down in buckets.

Arrived at 3 Valley Gaps event site at 8am, looked like a well-organized setup, including a pancake breakfast. Stuffed my face and chatted with the many participants. Bought 3 sets of tickets, 12 in total, and roared off into the great unknown, hoping I could find them all, or at least find my way back if I couldn’t, before my food or gas ran out.

Still pouring buckets, but no dust, found the first GPS coordinate, and realized what I was looking for, entered the next one, and off again. Stunning scenery along the way, and with the rain, I felt like a pirate looking for buried treasure as I searched out the next spot.

Found all but one GPS plaque (it was missing – honest) and returned to the camp site around 4:30pm, Entered my results, changed into dry clothing, loaded up and headed back to Vernon.

Great event, great people, great fun – I highly recommend it! Even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of adventure and satisfaction of finding all the hidden GPS locations.

Father’s Day Campout & Longest Day Ride

Every year the club has a BBQ and ride on or around the longest day of the year, this year we’ve got an entire weekend of fun planned for the Father’s Day weekend. You’re invited to come for the entire weekend or just for a ride or the BBQ or breakfast.

Come set up camp at the sort yard on King Eddy Road, take in the rides, enjoy the BBQ and breakfast on the grille and bring your best stories for around the campfire.

Tentative Schedule:

  • Friday 5:00pm – Sort yard opens
  • Saturday 5:00pm – BBQ
  • Saturday 7:00pm – Evening ride
  • Sunday 9:30am – Father’s Day Breakfast
  • Sunday – rides and/or special events

If you’re wondering what the photo is, it’s a special event where the driver has some giant underwear over their head and the passenger gives directions to navigate a course. Depending on space we’ll have this event or another special skills/riding event.

Weekend Recap
Some days it rains, some days it pours, this weekend it did both. Lots of fun though, hanging out around the camp telling stories, enjoyed the BBQ and Sue’s Super Salads. Got a ride in Sunday after the rain stopped, lots of mud and puddles made for perfect riding conditions. Thanks Kent for taking us on a tour, a little different than where we normally go!