Other Information in Trail Share

Safety Alerts Added Wherever Possible

The Bardolph Lake area has some great trails but we also want to bring attention to the other information you can find in the ATV Club Trail Share.

Where possible we’ve added safety notices and this trail contains one such warning: a fun straight stretch with a hidden dip for a creek crossing. On the map you’ll see a skull and cross bones for this hazard (unfortunately Gaia doesn’t have a CAUTION icon).

When browsing the full screen map (click Explore the Map at the top of the page):

  1. Click on the waypoint icon to pull up more information 
  2. The left column will show info for that waypoint including photos (if available), elevation, coordinates, notes and links to Copy to My Waypoints, Export GPX, Open Details Page and Share
  3. The details page shows the waypoint on its own page
  4. The detailed photo for this waypoint

Please help us develop the Vernon ATV Club Trail share by using the Map Feedback page to submit maps, make comments and suggestions.

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