May 1 Kelowna Ride

Browne Lake Ride

Meeting instructions:


  • If you don’t know the way to the meeting place then meet me not later than 8:30am at the Shell station at the corner of KLO and Benvoulin Road in Kelowna (I will depart for the meeting area at that time).
    • If you do know the way to the meeting place then proceed to the meeting place and meet at 9:00am.
  • Meet at the intersection of Myra FSR and McCullough Road in East Kelowna. Find a place to park off to the side on the FSR.

Ride area:

  • Up Hydraulic Creek, across the bridge we fixed to the view point overlooking the lake. We will flag and open an old trail that we checked out last fall (0.5km long). From there we will follow some of the old trails we opened in the past and cross McCullough Road and into the woods on trails leading to Browne Lake.
  • The ride will be a “Blue” rating (see
  • Some of the trails and the bridge over Hydraulic are narrow so no machines wider than 52” is highly recommended (I’m going to measure the bridge this time out!).

Special Instructions:

  • Bring chainsaw (complete with spare gas and oil), radio, sunscreen and suitable clothes.
  • We will have a bonfire for lunch so bring appropriate food (weenies, bun, etc.).
  • The weather forecast is sunny and 25 degrees.

Please let me know if you are coming.

Mike Dillon
(H) 250-448-8988
(Cell) 778-821-4810 (this is a new number and a flip phone with no internet)