King Eddy & Noble Canyon Cleanup

Friday May 26 through Sunday May 28

Come join us for a weekend of camping, good company, and cleaning our local stomping grounds. We will be dealing with the litter and old RVs along King Eddy and at Noble Canyon.

The gate to the sort yard at King Eddy will be open Friday evening so feel free to come out with your campers and tents. Be sure to follow the yellow arrows going into the sort yard, it’s pretty mucky right now so you don’t want to get off the beaten path.

The plan is to use our trucks, SUVs, trailers. to pick up and haul junk because it’s way quicker than using ATVs. There is a big garbage bin in the sort yard where everything will go so we’ll likely have multiple trips from the sort yard out to the various garbage deposits then back to the bin.

Saturday night dinner will be provided but if you want “adult drinks” you must provide your own as everyone has different tastes. Please RSVP by Friday May 26th if you would like dinner on the Saturday so we can make sure we have enough for all.

What You Need to Know

  1. Register by 5:00pm Friday May 26 to if you would like in on the Saturday afternoon BBQ.
  2. The gates to the Sort Yard on King Eddy FSR open at 5:00pm Friday May 26 for campers.
  3. Dry camping is available Friday and Saturday nights, gates close at 6:00pm Sunday.
  4. The Clean Up safety meeting starts at 9:30am Saturday May 27.
  5. The Saturday afternoon BBQ starts at 5:00pm Saturday May 27.
  6. There will be a ride from King Eddy staging at 10:00am Sunday May 28.

Getting Here

All the action takes place at the Sort Yard which is the gate to the left of the cattle guard at the bottom of King Eddy Forest Service Road. The gate will be open from 5:00pm Friday evening until it closes at 6:00pm Sunday. Google Map to Sort Yard –

We will have an outhouse at the Sort Yard but there are no services for campers (water, sewage, electricity), it’s dry camping in a large field.

What to bring for the cleanup:

  • A truck or trailer for the cleanup
  • Your trusty navigation & communication tools
  • Good boots, gloves and clothing for all weather
  • A rake, shovel, rolling magnet and bucket (if you have them – they’re used for pallet fire cleanup)
  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Food and drink during the cleanup

We will be supplying garbage bags, 5 gallon buckets, a list of cleanup areas and a giant dumpster to put all the garbage in. Some of the cleanup sites will be concentrated areas but we will also ask some people to cruise the roads and trails looking for trash.

After the cleanup we’ll have a way of getting yourself washed up before diving into the big BBQ to thank all the amazing volunteers for their hard work.

Picking up after other people is only so much fun, that’s why we have camping and rides planned throughout the weekend. We hope you can join us to camp for the weekend or take in one or more of the rides.

Schedule of Events:

Friday May 26

  • 5:00pm – Gates open for campers (Map to Sort Yard)
  • All evening – Stories around the campfire

Saturday May 27

Sunday May 28

  • 10:00am – Pre-ride safety meeting
  • 6:00pm – Sort Yard gate closed

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