2017 King Eddy Road Cleanup

The weather turned decidedly summer-like on Saturday May 20 for our annual cleanup on King Eddy Road. 22 members of the Vernon ATV Club as well as members of Kelowna and Salmon Arm ATV Clubs and area residents put in hard work in the hot sun picking up other people’s garbage.

We filled a 15 cubic yard bin to the brim with garbage, it weighed 2,625lbs. We were also able to sort off several truckloads of recyclable steel into the salvage pile and wood for recycling by chipping.

Notable items picked up:

  • Truck canopy pulled from King Eddy Lake
  • Hot water tank winched from steep ditch
  • Two garbage bags of shotgun shells (500+ shells)
  • Damaged culvert and over 1,000lbs of metal diverted to the scrap steel pile

We thank the following companies for their help in making our cleanup anther huge success:

And of course a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered a day from your long weekend to clean up after stupid people. We appreciate your effort!

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    • Thanks Rennie, a lot of people came out to help clean up one little corner of the environment. When we work together we can make a difference!


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